“Years Of The Witch” by Seven Witches

Artist: Seven Witches
Title: “Years Of The Witch”
Label: Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Release Date: 9/26/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

The fans of Seven Witches and Jack Frost have been asking for a DVD of their music over the course of the bands five releases and now they finally have one. “Years Of The Witch” is just what they have been waiting for in order to sit down and crank up the Metal and enjoy one of their favorite bands…or is it something far less than they expected. I am disappointed to say that this DVD is a little bit of both for while Seven Witches is a fine band who has delivered capable and tasty Metal for many years, the production on this release is terrible. The show itself is chock full of the bands best material from across their years and is apparently shot at a decent sized club but the sound is so muddled that it makes sitting through it almost arduous. You continually find yourself turning up the volume and finding it to be of little help if any at all. The same company did the work on the Nuclear Assault DVD “Louder, Harder, Faster” and while I felt any production inconsistencies were resident on that one alone, I was sad to find a repeat scenario for the Seven Witches release. This is a shame when it is the bands first-ever DVD for there is always the chance that the production value can cause the band to be viewed in negative light.

A production like this makes you question the money spent and it is very difficult to enjoy. It’s also a shame for the members of Seven Witches who do work very hard under the command of Mr. Frost, a talented and dedicated guitarist who I am sure expected this to be a little better himself. The musical highlights are many on this release such as “Camelot” (one of the bands most favored numbers) and “Passage To The Other Side”, but with the sound being so limited, it takes the pleasure of these tracks right away. If you are one of Frost’s die-hards then perhaps this does not matter much to you and you will purchase it anyway. However, if you are casual fan who seeks a comprehensive look at the band perhaps you are better suited to remain listening to the now domestically available back catalog. My low rating on this release is by no means my thoughts on Seven Witches, only the production of this release.

Bonus Features: Story Of The Witch, Sit Down With Jack Frost & Mark Gromen, The Man Behind The Music, Journey Through Camelot, Archive Concert Footage. These segments are enjoyable, especially in the history of the group, which is open, honest, and done by Frost himself from the studio. He also has a decent one on one candid interview with BWBK’s Mark Gromen. “Journey Through Camelot” might find some fans as they show the various band line-ups during this one song over the years.

Song Listing:
1. Open
2. Dance With The Dead
3. Apocalyptic Dreams
4. Metal Tyrant
5. The Answer
6. Johnny
7. Jam Session
8. Can’t Find My Way
9. Incubus
10. Metal Asylum
11. Warmth Of Winter
12. Camelot
13. Natures Wrath
14. Cries Of The Living
15. Passage To The Other Side
16. Mental Messiah

Official Web site: http://www.jfrost.us/

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