Xandria Announces 2nd Leg North American Tour

We’ve been interested in the music of Xandria here at the Metal Command HQ for some time and it’s wonderful that they’ve been able to come over to this side of the ocean and entertain their fans. We first managed to catch them in concert when they were one of the openers for the mighty Sonata Arctica but then there was too long of a break in their US Touring action until only recently when they hit the road and brought an exciting package to our live stages with support from Sirenia and MindMaze. If you missed those shows when they rumbled through you surely missed out but now you have a second chance as the band announces a second leg return. Check out their quick Official Facebook page announcement along with the tour dates. I’ll return at the close with additional thoughts.

Per Facebook:
USA here we come again! What would be more fitting after the great success of our 1st US Headlining run in may than doing a 2nd stretch in Oktober? Right…nothing! Well, except doing another one with our buddies from KOBRA AND THE LOTUS and September Mourning! Hell Yeah!! So many cities we haven’t rocked sofar! Well here we go again! Get your tickets NOW! Because THIS Is going to be AWESOME!

The Tour Dates:
9/29 – Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room
9/30 – Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
10/2 – Louisville, KY – Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
10/4 – Detroit, MI – Token Lounge
10/6 – Newport, MN – Opinion Brewery
10/7 – St. Louis, MO – Fubar
10/8 – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
10/9 – Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
10/12 – Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street
10/13 – Lubbock, TX – Jakes
10/14 – Dallas, TX – Trees
10/15 – San Antonio, TX – The Rock Box
10/18 – Houston, TX – Scout Bar
10/19 – Austin, TX – Come and Take it Live
10/21 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Alright Metal Legions, this is your chance to catch something very, very special. Bands like Xandria don’t get to come all the over here very often and when they do its imperative Metal action that you must undertake to support their efforts. Those who missed the last go round missed the chance to enjoy the music of Sirenia who were absolutely enthralling with their performance and the downside is that they are Not a part of the second leg. In their place is nothing to brush aside either as it’s the one and only Kobra and The Lotus who we have followed since I think since their debut that we learned about on Bravewords thanks to their attentive scribes. KATL are a superb live act and you WILL fall for the Metal Might of Kobra Paige when she is rocking out up there. Trust me on that one. Then there is the mysterious September Mourning who will bring out the Darker Side of Metal and are a visual that you don’t want to miss. They also have a hot comic book out that you might be able to snag at the show. This brief second leg lets you support three very worthy acts my friends and if you keep on bypassing that which we give high marks to you will eventually have nothing to see because the legends are all heading to their final tours and you know this is true. Let’s keep it vibrant and vital. So tell me what are your own thoughts about this tour now as I close it up. You can add your two cents down in the comments section below. Ciao.

Official Websites:
Xandria: http://www.xandria.de
Kobra and The Lotus: http://www.kobraandthelotus.com
September Mourning: http://www.septembermourning.com

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