“Worship Me Or Die” (remastered) by The Great Kat

Artist: The Great Kat
Title: “Worship Me Or Die” (remastered)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 10/8/2007
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 1.5/5

I’m not going to lie and say that I was happy to see this album remastered and re-issued for the Metal fan of today because I am very clearly not nor have I ever been a fan of the brand of Shred Metal that The Great Kat has long declared her mastery over. Yet here we have the special edition limited re-issue by those folks at Metal Mind Productions who sometime last year gained the rights to release dozens upon dozens of early Roadrunner Records albums. They upgraded the packaging and extended the liner notes and sometimes even added bonus tracks if possible. However despite this not every one of these re-issues would be a winning decision. One fine example of this would be the album being reviewed. The Great Kat’s debut was entitled “Worship Me Or Die” and its themes played along to the Dominatrix image that she portrayed but the music that was presented was by many counts absolutely deplorable. This was blistering fast cacophony with screams over it and in 1987 quite different from what was happening on either side of the Metal scene as both Thrash and Glam were still in full sway with Grunge a few years away in coming. Despite this being the case Kat had some fans but it was probably more based on the overall insane image that she put forth more than for her song-writing and obvious playing skills.

The bad part about this stuff for the conventional Metal fan was that it all seemed like a joke that there was no punch line to and under the rather idiotic lyrics would be some truly exceptional guitar playing. As a guitarist she really was one of the fastest to ever hold the instrument and with her being Julliard schooled she really could have brought a lot more to the table than she chose to. I think that it was as much about her image as this persona as it was her need to be the fastest guitar player ever. Her undoing would be in the silliness of the tunes such as “Kat Possessed”, “Satan Goes To Church” and “Kill The Mothers”, oh who am I kidding – there is very little redeeming quality in any of this stuff to be brutally honest. If one envisioned this material minus the terribly clichéd lyrical and vocal content it might have actually been something that would have been tolerable but alas it is not. Thankfully there were no bonus tracks to speak of and when it was over some thirty minutes after beginning I was a very happy man. This is one of those CD’s that would rarely get second spin unless you are one of her extreme fans because it will wear on you quickly. When I look at this from a historical perspective I wonder what the Roadrunner Records folks were thinking as they released this and passed on more notable and creative musicians.

Track Listing:
1. Metal Messiah
2. Kat Possessed
3. Death To You
4. Satan Goes To Church
5. Worship Me Or Die
6. Demons
7. Speed Death
8. Kill The Mothers
9. Ashes To Dust
10. Satan Says
11. Metal Massacre

Official Website: www.greatkat.com

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