“Words Of The Prophets” by Kobra and The Lotus

Artist: Kobra and The Lotus
Title: “Words Of The Prophets”
Label: Titan Music
Release Date: 8/28/2015
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

To follow up their smoking hot “High Priestess” album and tour supporting the “Hottest Band In The World” KISS, Kobra and The Lotus have decided to treat their fans to an EP that’s loaded with the bands that they grew up with and musicians and who all hail from their native Canada. I’ve said in the past that I am pretty much over the “cover album” idea but when one is done that shows itself as being different and breaks out of the same old same old mold that so many others have locked into I am all for it. As a scribe who really enjoys what KATL do on album and stage I was glad to find this being the case with their bunch of covers. The five song EP gives us a track apiece from Triumph, April Wine, Alannah Myles, BTO and Rush – Let’s go over the numbers that they chose to do.

The EP begins with the Triumph cover and they have remained one of my very favorite Canadian Hard Rock exports so I was very interested in seeing how this one would play out. I didn’t expect the register of Kobra to mirror that of Rik Emmett at all but she surely impressed me with this one and I give her a thumbs up. Now if she would only sing “Fight The Good Fight” or “Follow Your Heart” on a follow up.. “Sign Of The Gypsy Queen” by April Wine follows next and I have NEVER ever followed the band and was rather amazed at my realizing this as I penned this review. The KATL rendition seems sound and I was singing along to the chorus by my second listen. I also made a note to get some kind of comprehensive collection to learn a little more about a band that escaped me for so long. The Alannah Myles hit “Black Velvet” has a super sexy and stylish video to it and if you have not yet seen the clip please click HERE to do so. It’s enough to find you adding Ms. Paige to your WCW posts on Facebook and Instagram. The bands rendition of this one rocks as well and I hope we find it on the airwaves to help raise awareness about the group.

Another Canadian band I am not 100% up on is BTO or Bachman Turner Overdrive. Yeah I know a “few” hits but that is it so I am just going to give the KATL version of “Let It Ride” a nod as well done. The album closes with “Spirit Of Radio” by Rush and this is a brave move by any band based on the technical ability that such an effort often requires. While I was quite interested in hearing how Ms. Paige would do the Geddy Lee vocals I could not find myself steering from the drumming of Bones Elias who showcased some fine chops doing that which Neal Peart originally delivered in this tune decades ago. Though I am not sure when we will find the band touring our region again, I hope when they do that this is one of the tunes on the set list.

I really enjoyed the EP but wish that there was a chance to add even more of the Canadian bands than we got here. Yeah these were fine choices at the end of the day, but wouldn’t it have been a blast to hear KATL amp up something by Loverboy, Saga or even Bryan Adams? This is not sarcasm but a true appreciation of those artists. Maybe even the fun Kim Mitchell tune “Go For A Soda”. Fans of the band and even the curious should give this EP a chance while we wait for the next full length Heavy Metal album.

Track Listing:
1. Lay It On The Line (Triumph)
2. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (April Wine)
3. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)
4. Let It Ride (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
5. Spirit Of The Radio (Rush)

Official Website: http://www.kobraandthelotus.com

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