“Woodstock 50” Is Reportedly Cancelled :(

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Back in March, festival founder Michael Lang announced the lineup for the upcoming “Woodstock 50th” Festival (seen HERE for those curious onlookers). Earlier today, it was revealed by TMZ that the Investors at Dentsu Aegis have pulled their funding and have offered up this statement on the matter

“We don’t beliee the production of the festival can be executed as and event worthy of the Woodstock Brand name”

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Day 1: Friday August 16th – No one.
Day 2: Saturday, August 17th – No one.
Day 3: Sunday, August 18th – No one.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now I’ve already mentioned that I don’t get to a lot of festivals and based on the distance (and for the most part the lineup) I was not heading to Woodstock 50. I haven’t seen a full on Official Press Release about the news but when some of the larger websites that I sometimes monitor to make sure I have what I need for your own enjoyment started posting about it, I let the fine folks at TMZ be my resource about it. For many a Rock and Metal fan there was nothing about this festival that piqued the interest but I am never happy to see a large scale music event be cancelled since it tends to have a ripple effect on other events of this kind. When the weekend of the original 1969 Woodstock hits us, I will be playing the “Original Soundtrack Album” from the movie as well as watching it and I might just put the five full sets that were released several years ago as “The Woodstock Experience”. Hopefully you diehards have those because they are hard to find. So let’s see what happens because so far the tickets were not released for sale despite being announced as coming soon and Michael Lang hasn’t said anything about it yet either. As more information comes to light I will share it but its probably done since the money people are out. What do you think about this? Were you entertaining going? Chime in down below in the comments.

Official Website: https://www.woodstock.com/

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