Wishing A Merry “Metal” Christmas 2016 To All

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of those who are celebrating the day, a very Merry “Metal” Christmas today and offer up a seasonal image from the PiercingMetal High Command to your view screens. Also, with Hanukkah beginning last night, we wish all of those who celebrate that holiday the very best.

For this year’s post I decided that two images would be fun and the one above is my standard concert wear MC along with a very old decoration I found in a box. There were lights for it, but the plastic that held them into place had long broken into pieces so its kind of hard to get them on there properly. I had to laugh at the notion of how Santa looks like he is flipping the bird at us. Am I seeing things here? I don’t think so. The other was with the main man Mr. Claus himself who I chanced upon at a recent event being held by the fine folks at Sirius XM. I promised the jolly one that I had been good for the sake of Metal and he sent a text to the Krampus to keep him out of my way for the time being. Still, I must remain vigilant in Metal’s behalf. Even on Christmas 🙂

Closing up I wish you a great day with those who matter most in your personal world. Spend that time with them because that is what counts the most when it all comes down to it. Thanks for reading the website and following us on the various Social Networks and just keeping our words in play. To me you are as awesome as the rock stars that we speak about in each and every piece of work. I’ll be back with the regular posts soon as we help send off 2016 to its close.

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