WinterCon Returns To NYC This Weekend @ Resorts World Casino

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Readers of this website have known for years how much we love the convention scene and can regularly be found at the New York Comic Con, Anime NYC and Big Apple Comic Con. This weekend, one of the other events that I like to hit will be happening at the Resorts World Casino – The Winter Con.

So What’s WinterCon??? According to their own promotional efforts its “The LARGEST Sci-Fi convention in the NY area! Held annually at Resorts World NYC. Wintercon is a large expo that hosts celebrities, creators, fans and vendors from TV, movies, books, cosplay, comics, gaming, collectibles, anime and so much more!”

Where Is It? The Convention will be held at the Resorts World Casino and the location is tagged in our listings so click HERE for the exact geography.

Who Should I See? Oh come on now, you should see as many people as you can fit into the time that you are attending the event. If you go once you have to wisely use the time but if you go all weekend you will get your fill. I’ll suggest you meet two of our talented friends who will be there like the awesomely talented Barbie Chula and the sensational Miss Cheng. Here are a couple of images from the Official PiercingMetal Instagram that originate from the Anime NYC convention since that was when I saw them last. If you meet either of them you can for sure tell them that you came to see them at my suggestion and that I hope they are well.

Will You Be In Attendance: Sadly I CANNOT attend this year based on my real work schedule. I’m on point at one of the Broadway Theatres and the hours conflict with my having any kind of time to get to Queens and back with any visuals or narrative.



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