Win To See Saxon In NYC On 9/13/2013

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The Details: Saxon is one of the most important and perhaps also prominent of the NWOBHM bands out there in today’s music geography. Their overall impact on the scene and how Metal was to be delivered for many years after their own inception still resonates loudly in the hearts and minds of their worldwide fans. Fronted by Biff Byford, he leads the charge of the Metal forces and will bring their classics to life along with new material from the “Sacrifice” album that was just recently released. They will be joined by Fozzy (featuring Chris Jericho) and Halcyon Way so you know this show is going to be an exciting one. I am absolutely psyched that thanks to the fine folks in the B.B. King Blues Club marketing team, a few lucky PiercingMetal fans are going to get to see the show for free. More on this below.

When and Where: Friday, September 13th 7pm at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd Street NYC)

To Participate: Interested fans need to give me two solid reasons why Saxon is so important to their own level of Metal appreciation and in there should also outline why this show is so important to see. Simply saying “they rock” or “because they’re awesome” will not do at all, and if the sole reason you are interested in attending is because of Fozzy, well then you need to give me three reasons about that band. Incompletes don’t cut it and I will be selecting a few of the response submissions and replying to them directly. Please be sure to enter your full real name and an email address in case we need to reach you. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest so you know if you won or not. We do not share this information.

Restrictions: All of our PiercingMetal contests are open to any of our interested readers in the NYC and surrounding regions but we do tend to look for new winners first and then those who might not have won more than a single time over the last bunch of offerings. So take a chance and try your luck, you just might be one of the lucky ones who gets to see the show (pardon the Loverboy reference if you caught it). Oh yes, its important to note that Guest or Anonymous submissions while likely approved will not be eligible to win.

Official Links:
Halcyon Way:

Your Metal collection is incomplete if you don’t have any Saxon in the middle of it, so should this be you I am speaking about, at least you have a few handy dandy links to look deeper into.

11 thoughts on “Win To See Saxon In NYC On 9/13/2013”

  1. This is a perfect combo. Fozzy is a modern throwback to classic metal/hard rock that gets better with each new album. Listening to Saxon, you can hear all the influence they’ve had on the genre. Their anthems have become cornerstones of metal! It’s always a special experience to see them live and like a NWOBHM time machine!

    1. That is some on the money viewpoints Michael so congratulations you have won a ticket for the Saxon show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments to see the details on how to claim this.

  2. Saxon is the perfect band Fozzy should have covered back when they were mainly a cover band. Saxon could just sit back and be an nostalgia act but they continue to put out great albums some 30+ year later. It’s unfortunate they haven’t had the commercial success that other NWOBHM artists have had but their influence from Metallica to Fozzy is enough for me.

    This is a great bill to hear Fozzy’s new material and Saxon and their entire catalog.

    1. I agree with a few of your points Tom and say congratulations on winning a ticket to see Saxon and Fozzy on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out all the details.

  3. Saxon were responsible for me adopting the heavy metal lifestyle back in ’82 after seeing the Denim & Leather video on MTV (!). I bought the album the next day and still worship it. I was supposed to see them in ’86 on the Innocence Is No Excuse tour @ L’amour (even won tix on WRTN Midnight Metal) but my friend’s car broke down. I was devastated at the time. Thats why it is essential for me to see them each & every time they play NY.

    1. Well you are going to see them in NYC George so congratulations on winning a ticket for Saxon and Fozzy’s show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out all the details.

  4. Saxon is a band important to see live because they started playing heavy metal way before most other heavy metal bands, being formed in the seventies, believe it or not. Secondly they have been a consistent heavy metal band, that never sold out for commercial success whatsoever. A true heavy metal band that won’t be around for much longer…

    1. While I love one or two points you made I am hard pressed to think the band will not be around much longer, but that being said, congratulations on winning a ticket for Saxon on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out all the details.

  5. I first got into Saxon during the Wheels of Steel Era. i was turned onto
    them by Zig Zags in Brooklyn during the building days of Metal. Saxon was a
    large part of that building along with Iron Maiden, Angelwitch, Samson, Praying
    Mantis and Diamond Head.

    I want to see this show because

    1. Relive the glory days

    2. See the band who espoused the lifestyle with “Denim and Leather.” That
    song said it all

    1. Too many legendary references to say anything less than congratulations on winning a ticket to see Saxon on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out all the details.

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