Win To See Deicide In NYC On 10/6/2013

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The Details: Since 1987 the Death Metal powerhouse that is Deicide has been bringing their band of in your face Metal blasphemy to the masses and it has continued strong thanks to the efforts of founding members Steve Asheim and the King of Evil himself, Mr. Glen Benton. We’ve had the band hitting town on what appears to be an almost yearly basis and now as they prepare to unleash their latest album on us, the band will be back in NYC for their “No Salvation Tour”. The run features Broken Hope, Disgorge and Necromicon and now thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, some PiercingMetal readers will get to enjoy the show for free. Read below on how you participate in this one.

When and Where: Sunday, October 6th at Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd Street NYC)

To Participate: A few contests ago I asked the readers to build me the ultimate Gothenburg Metal band while another asked for the ultimate Folk Metal band so let’s try that again since we are dealing with the Death Metal genre. My dear readers in The Metal Republic please build me the ultimate Death Metal band and I will want two guitarists, a bassist, drummer and lead vocalist. The trick is that the artists you pick must primarily be known for playing Death Metal and ALL members must still be alive. Then I will need you to tell me why this lineup works in your opinion. For extra points what would their first album be called. Please be sure to enter your full real name and an email address in the comment form (but NOT the comment itself) as we will need to reach you for listing purposes. I will be replying to all the winning comments with one of my own. Go get creative and remember that with all comments being moderated that they will not appear immediately.  Enter only once.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to participate because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest.

Official Links:
Broken Hope:

Deicide’s newest album is entitled “In The Minds Of Evil” and this comes out in the middle of November. Sadly there did not seem to be a code for me to add so you could pre-order it, so I opted to add a number of recent must haves for the discerning Deicide acolyte. I also added some links to the supporting acts. Dare you sample any of these?

23 thoughts on “Win To See Deicide In NYC On 10/6/2013”

  1. 2 guitarists…1) Bill Steer (Carcass & early Napalm Death)…C’mon, Carcass absolutely killed it last week plus Bill Has other musical interests besides death metal (listen to Firebird…rock!). 2) Trey Azaagthoth (Morbid Angel)…the coolest whammy bar utilization in death metal & sick ass player all around. Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, SOD, early Anthrax)…all around legend….proving that he can play death, thrash, hardcore, etc while maintaining the coolest hair in the metal scene. Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) on drums because he plays faster than you can think. Martin Van Drunen (Pestilence, Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets, Grand Supreme Blood Court) on vocals rounds out this supergroup because of his awesome and DISTINCTIVE vocals. First LP to be called IMPULSIVE EXHUMATION DOMINANCE.

  2. Vox – Johan Hegg

    Drums – Gene Hoglan

    Guitar – Bill Steer

    Guitar – KK Warslut

    Bass – Karl Sanders

    In my opinion, 5 of the greatest musicians of our time, and would produce one of the most professional and technical albums ever!

    First album – “The Guillotine”

    1. That’s some good stuff there Pete so congratulations on winning one of our tickets to see Deicide this coming Sunday 10/6. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details about how to claim this at the show.

  3. Vokills-Marc Grewe (from morgoth, also in INSIDIOUS DISEASE),Drums- Desecrate (from the powerful GORTAL just check out the latest release “deamonolith” Bass-Novy (vader,behemoth,dies irae need to say more? Guitar-Rob Vigna the master of riffs (first five immolation albums all classic death metal) Guitar-Peter Tagtgren (also a producer and responsible for making penetralia and osculum obscenum also plays in the industrial band pain) why this line up? well is death metal,it has to be brutal, and i dont see a reason for this guys not making a quality death metal album.and they should call it AWAITNG FOR THE APOCALYPSE

    1. Wow David you are going to send me to the Metal Encyclopedia since I only know a couple of the players you mention. That said I do congratulate you on winning one of our tickets for Deicide on 10/6. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details about how to claim this at the show.

  4. Vox/Bass: Paul Speckmann
    Drums: George Kollias
    Guitar: Trey Azagtoth
    Guitar: Luc Lemay

    This is one hell of a supergroup, they’re already in bands that are really successful and great. Putting them all in one band would be ruckus!

    First album is “Landscape of Terror”

  5. Vocalist – David Vincent (Morbid Angel/Altars of Madness album vocals)
    Drummer – Derek Roddy (Ex-Hate Eternal)
    Bassist – Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse)
    Guitarists – Michael Amott & Dallas Toler-Wade (Ex-Carcass and Nile)

    Each of these DM musicians are unique in their own way and revolutionized Extreme Metal. Not only would it be a killer line up but I have some faith that they’ll push the boundaries to a whole new level.
    Their debut album The Further Descent Into Madness will be released via Century Media Records October 6th, 2032 😀

  6. Main Vocals – Sauron from Ex Decapitated, Masochist
    Guitar and Vocals – Piotr Wiwczarek from Vader
    Guitar – Vogg from Decapitated
    Bass – Orion from Behemoth
    Drums – Inferno from Behemoth

    This works cause I have Polish blood myself what better than a true Polish powerhouse of death. They would be called The Polish Sentinels and the first album would be called I. 1st Deathcree.

    1. Whew clearly a Polish Powerhouse Of Pummeling Metal. Congrats Andrew you have won a ticket for Deicide on Sunday so just stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim it at the show.

  7. Vocals/Guitar Piotr Wiwczarek (Vader)

    Guitar – Rob Vigna (Immolation)

    Bass – Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse)

    Drums – Max Kolene (Krisiun)

    Album: Repugnant Epidemic

  8. Drums- Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel)

    Bass- Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse)

    Guitar- Karl Sanders (Nile)

    Guitar- Piotr Wiwczarek (Vader)

    Vox- Glenn Benton (Deicide)

    every musician in this band all play very technical metal and would all mesh really well together, with Karl and Piotr playing fast leads, while Alex and Pete keep a very fast very heavy rhythm. Glenn, having the voice of satan himself putting on a guttural lead vocal section!

  9. Chris Barnes – VOX
    Gene Hoglan – Drums
    Alex Webster – Bass
    Guitar – Rob Vigna
    Guitar – Trey Azagthoth
    This band would destroy everything!
    Their first album will be called: “Roadkill Extravaganza”

  10. Nigel Green

    [email protected]

    Vocalist: Ken Ken Bergeron (Abigail Williams)

    Lead Guitar: josh middleton ( Sylosis)

    Rhythm Guitar: Exo ( Noctem)

    Bass Guitar: Dominic Lapointe ( Beyond Creation)

    Drums: Aaron Kitcher (Infant Annihilator)

    First Album : Temple Of Flesh

    This lineup would be sheer fucking mayhem. Two guitar players with two extremely talented and unique styles of playing, mixed with some of the highest vocals and fastest double bass. And to top it off, a genius on a fretless bass soloing his face off. m/

    1. Good stuff Nigel and some really interesting selections and rationale. Congratulations you have won a ticket to see Deicide this Sunday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim this at the show.

  11. Damn, tough one.
    I shall choose…

    Brett Hoffman
    Steve DiGiorgio
    Steve Asheim
    James Murphy
    and Trey

    Why it works?

    For starters, they’re not necessarily all from Florida, but is where they met and were all involved in the, what I like to call, the FDMM. The Floridian Death Metal Movement. So they’re sure to get along.

    Brett Hoffman is just a maniac, but with the chance to sing for Torrential BLOODpour, he has been taking care of himself to bring back the voice of his youth.

    Steve DiGiorgio’s style that we all know, works with any sub-genre of metal, but for Torrential Bloodpour’s debut of Pure Death Metal assault, the legend has certainly brought out a new bag of fretless trickery.

    Steve Asheim was picked for his sheer dedication to death metal, his ability to hold a blast beat, his contribution to song writing, and legs of steel.

    Finally, the lead work from the guitars are going to lay waste to any death previous death metal album. With Murphy’s flawless legato techniques paired with Trey’s classic, unmatched creativity, this is surely going to be the album of the year.

    Look out for the early 2014 release of “Death Shall Rise in the Legion of the Ten Commandments by Formulas Fatal to the Individual Thought Patterns”!

    1. Good stuff Jacob and congratulations you have won a ticket for the Deicide show on Sunday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the full details on how you claim it.

      1. Awesome, heck yeah! After I posted it, I was like “whoa wtf I didn’t use Glen Benton”! He really is the ultimate death metal singer, the best. Pretty awesome band there though.
        So pumped to see dEiCiDe for the 20th something time. They NEVER disappoint.
        Thanks so much Ken!

  12. My ideal death metal group would be Guitarists Karl Sanders( Nile) and Jack Owen(ex-Cannibal Corpse, Deicide) Bassist Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) Drummer Inferno (Behemoth) Vocals Maurizio Iacono( Kataklysm , Ex Deo) My

  13. Drums: Mike Smith (Suffocation)
    Vocals: Sven de Caluwe (Aborted)
    Guitar 1: John Gallagher (Dying Fetus)
    Guitar 2: Jon Levasseur (Cryptopsy)
    Bass: Dominic Lapointe (Beyond Creation)

    This band would KILL! Though each of the members were in different sounding bands, all these bands are heavy weights of brutal death metal and would bring something interesting to the plate. Mike Smith’s drumming is one of the reasons why Suffocation got where they are today, Sven’s vocals are some of the most unique and intense in the genre, John’s guitar skills are highly technical but keep brutality in the mix as well, Jon helped make None So Vile, arguably one of the best BDM albums to date, and Dominic is one of the most insane and technical bass players out there. Seeing that both Jon and Dominic are from the Montreal scene, there would probably be good cooperation.

    First album name: Living Autopsy

  14. I would pick:
    David Vincent – Vocals/Bass
    Nergal – Vocals/Guitar
    Henri TSK Sattler – Vocals/Guitar
    Hellhammer – Drums
    Lord Worm – Vocals
    The Unstoppable Force Against the Underlings of God (Debut Album)
    You got the best at what each member does from all over the world. The best drummer in any genre period. Two low vocalists, one higher screamer, and one all over the place vocalist. Two solid guitarists who can riff and solo with the best and a solid bassist. Of course all the vocalists will sing together in the same songs. There will be crazy fast parts as well as slow doomier and atomospheric parts as well. I know you could spend forever making hypothetical bands. Hope you think it’s worthy Ken!
    Brandon Lee Meyer

    1. Now that is a serious list of dominating forces of Metal power so congrats Brandon you have won a ticket for the Deicide show on Sunday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim it.

  15. Wow my Metal Legions those were some great submissions so thanks very much. I think we better close this contest up before it gets out of hand. Congratulations to all our winners. On the day of the show, please bring proper identification to the venue box office and ask for the Livenation list. There might be a PiercingMetal contest reference as well. Should you encounter any difficulty, politely ask for a venue manager and reference how this contest was done in cooperation with Livenation Marketing and PiercingMetal. I will be there as well so if you recognize me please do say hello.

  16. Dylan : Vox
    Dylan : Guitar
    Dylan : Guitar
    Dylan : Bass
    Dylan : Drums

    In all seriousness though, I always dreamed of a fantasy death metal band. My lineup would consist of:
    Som Plujimers (ex Cerebral Bore) : Vox.
    What a beast crammed into such a tiny chick. If you never heard of her, definitely check her Cannibal Corpse covers out. She deserves some shine and this band would definitely give her the recognition she needs.

    Terrance Hobbs(Suffocation/Deprecated/Criminal Element) : Guitar. Hobbs clearly has the chops for the job. Slams? Check(Liege Of Inveracity anyone?). Jazzy shit? Check(Torn Into Entrallment + Sullen Days’ intro riffs showcase this, and if you ever had the opportunity to hear T noodle, you definitely know what I’m talking about). Hell, he can even pull off some grind & hardcore, so you’ll never know what to expect from this band.

    Micheal Keene (The Faceless) : Guitar + Backup Vox.
    Keene’s riffery is on some next shit. From Akeldama all the way to Autotheism(your mileage may vary with this album but with an open mind, it’s fantastic) Mike displays that he can not only shred, but willing to experiment.

    Erland Caspersen (ex Deeds Of Flesh/Spawn of Possession/Blood Red Throne) : Bass.
    If you’re not familiar with Deed’s Of What’s To Come or Obscura’s Omnivium, I recommend you to get acquainted with both albums quickly; The basswork on both are phenomenal. Erland literally plays his lines in his sleep and has stopped playing music out of simple boredom(IIRC, something among those lines were stated in a comment on his Youtube Channel). The shit that this band would play would definitely spark his interest in playing death metal again.

    Mike Hamilton(Deeds Of Flesh/ex Vile) : Drums.
    Hate to dickride Deeds, but Mikey’s battery would pull this band together like fudge on an ice cream sundae. His blasts are fucking cataclysmic and cymbal-work keeps even the most beaten-to-death riffs from becoming stale.

    Together, I believe this lineup would destroy. Half of the band has great experience in the studio, put on such a great live show,and have the capability to push out material in a timely matter. What more could you ask for in a band?

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