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The Details: The third annual Anime NYC convention is rapidly approaching and this event seems to get bigger and bigger with each passing year. For those still in the unaware, this is a convention that is 100% dedicated to the Pop Culture phenomenon of Anime, Manga and other related Japanese entertainment. It’s a three-day event that will overwhelm the senses and delight each and every attendee based on the special events, special guests and screenings, available products and scores of incredible cosplay of some of the most popular Anime in existence. If you’ve followed the Official PiercingMetal Instagram at all, you know full well that we just love the convention circuit and do our best to support amazing events such as this one. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Leftfield Media, my convention minded Anime friends will have the chance to win a Weekend Pass to the convention and this means ALL THREE DAYS of it. This is our second time doing a contest for this convention and we thank the fine folks at Leftfield Media for offering us this awesome giveaway. Historically speaking, this marks our 260th contest and finds this outlet passing 1700 tickets given away. Onward and upward I always say so get ready and get set because the details on how to participate in this one are coming up next along with some important guidelines. Let’s go.

When and Where: November 15th – 17th at Jacob Javits Center, 34th Street and 11th Avenue NYC

To Participate: When I did the contest for the 2018 Anime NYC, I really put the interested people to work. It was my very first Pop Culture event contest and we were dealing with a full 3-Day pass for said affair and that was my rationale. Since we are again dealing with full weekend passes I am putting you to work once more and this premise will be a fun one for sure. Considering how many awesome live action superhero movies have been coming out over the last few years for this contest YOU are the producer of an upcoming Anime live motion picture. Most of my contest questions will need your answers based on this premise. There are no wrong answers so let’s have some fun.

1. Producer: Name three possible Anime productions that you wish to pitch to the movie studio big wigs to be done with you at the production helm. Tell me why you felt these three features would be big winners at the box office. Just a sentence or two on each will suffice. If they somehow existed already you can be in charge of the remake.
2. Casting: Assemble a quality cast for ONE of the films you pitched and why you chose a particular actor or actress. You must name no less than four cast members and the character they will be in this feature.
3. Music: Who are three bands that you want on the Official Soundtrack to the film that you did the casting for up just above. What made you choose these acts for said album.
4. Bonus Question: I’m going to assume that our winners are planning on cosplaying this awesome convention and if you are, please tell me who you will be across the three days.
5. Bonus Question 2: Paste a link to yourself in your very favorite cosplay from your Instagram or a publicly viewable Facebook Page. We want to help share the love of the medium and get you more likes.

Important Guidelines:
– Enter only enter once. All comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after your submission until staff can review them.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list of items.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with a valid email address that you can be reached at if you win. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns. The promoters will actually be contacting our winners using this email so double check it before you submit.
– Only enter if you CAN and WILL be able to attend the event and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially, if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for an expo in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments on the contest post and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not. I am very quick to choose winners once a few have come in.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you much more difficult should you be marked as a winner.
– As there is a lot of writing here, I suggest you compose your answers in a text editor and then past them and do this from a computer or tablet. A mobile might be quirky.

Restrictions: This is the second time that we are doing a giveaway for this convention and it will close after the first week of November has passed or when my supply is run out based on my winning selections. Act fast because if you snooze, you lose and I should stress that there are NO PLUS ONES for this giveaway. The badge is yours and is non-transferable. Friends who wish to come along with you can try their luck at the contest or purchase their own ticket at the event on opening day or online.

If You Win This Contest: Winners will know that they have won a pass for the convention based on my responses to their entries AND the organizers of the convention will be contacting them via the provided email that we asked for to finalize their win and line out how to claim their weekend pass. It is very important for you to use an email that you regularly use for this contest.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Lots of work for sure but last years was a lot more involved as you can see HERE. Please remember to support PiercingMetal initiatives on our Official Social Networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and most importantly ENGAGE with the content with likes, comments and shares because without that these types of promotional items will go away. I can’t wait to see the submissions.

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13 thoughts on “Win A Weekend Pass To Anime NYC 2019”

  1. 1. Hellsing – vampires with guns. if you can make underworld a success, you can make hellsing.

    Attack on Titan – giant action monster movie. lord of the rings w/ humongous orcs stepping on people

    Gantz – hunger games meets tron. pretty actors in bodysuits w/ laserguns

    2. Attack on Titan –

    Liam Hemsworth as eren. hes Gale Hawthorne from hunger games
    Jennifer Lawrence as mikasa. shes Katniss Everdeen from hunger games
    mark strong as zeke. just saw shazam. think he would be an awesome villain
    Donald Sutherland as Fritz. Coriolanus Snow as an evil lotr king

    3. Rammstein rewatched the matrix and felt like their lyrics and vibe fit the story

    Nightwish – symphonic rock genre needed for character themes

    Imagine Dragons – popular pop rock band from hunger games for ending credits

    1. Hey there David, this is exactly what I was looking for so thanks for the submission. Loved the inclusion of a favorite in Nightwish for sure and making Imagine Dragons the ending credits roll (I just don’t get them myself). Let me inform you that you are one of my winners of a Weekend Pass to Anime NYC. Please stay tuned for the full details as I am still sorting that side of it out.

  2. 1. Demon Slayer- It’s already super popular, and all that fighting and demon killing would be epic.
    One Punch Man- Super OP guy who can literally destroy villans with one punch.
    Assassination Classroom- Alien teacher that needs to be killed by his students. Also feelings hurt a lot.
    2. Demon Slayer
    Nezuko- Arisa Komiya. She could really capture Nezuko’s adorable but protective vibe.
    Tanjirou- Finn Wolfhard . He can really get the fear and pressure from fighting all them demons.
    Sakonji- Bruce Willis. Since Sakonji does a lot of fighting and action scenes I feel like it would be a good fit.
    Muzan- Christian Bale. Feel like he would get the sadistic and cruel vibe across. Would’ve said Michael Jackson (for the meme and the meme only)
    3. Music
    ROSELIA- Their songs are super powerful and just have that “screaming” vibe to it.
    Raise A Suilen- The lead singer’s voice is low and slightly raspy so I kinda like it.
    GARNiDELiA- Some of their songs have a nice traditional Japanese Vibe.
    4. Bonus Question: I’m gonna be doing an autumn viewing Dia Kurosawa cosplay! And maybe a Hatsune Miku cosplay! (I love Miku 🙂 )

    1. Great stuff Tianye and based on these cool submissions you have won a weekend pass to the upcoming Anime NYC convention. Be sure to refer to the section marked “If You Win This Contest” and then watch your email for the Official Details from the promoters. Congratulations and I will see you there.

  3. 1- Demon Slayer: Because the anime is super huge right now and it would be awesome to have that as a live action.
    – A Silent Voice: making this into a live action would be such a tear jerker, and an amazing story that could relate to a bunch of people.

    2.- For Demon Slayer –
    Nezuko: would be played by- India Eisley i think she would represent Nezuko very well as well have a similar resemblance.
    Inosuke: Tom Holland because i mean he would play inosuke beautifully imo
    Tanjiro Kamado: Finn Wolfhard: Because he played a bunch of overprotective characters before and i think this role would suit him well
    Zenitsu: Gaten Matarazzo- i think he would really capture this character only because he can play the goofy side as well as the super serious side of zenitsu

    3- Honestly i wouldnt Change the sound track for demon slayer at all. I think the music thats already played is perfect for the entire tone of the show.
    A silent Voice i would Choose- Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse & Cia. for i think theywould really capture the sadness and theme of the show without a doubt.

    4-I will be Going as
    Peko from Danganronpa 2
    Mikan from Danganronpa 2
    Rui- Demon SLayer

    5- all of my cosplays are my favorite so heres just a link for my instagram

    1. Thank you Amanda for the wonderful submission for the contest. Your hard work has paid off and you have won a full weekend pass to the upcoming Anime NYC convention. Please watch your email for the official details on how you claim it at the convention.

  4. 1. Producer:

    A. I would want to produce an anime adaptation for Danganronpa, because it has so many unique characters that would be great on the big screen. It presents about fourteen students are stuck in an abandoned school together and told they have to kill each other off, if they want to escape this school. What was once an amazing video game and anime, would be perfect for a major motion picture.

    B. I would want to make a live action remake of Full Metal Alchemist because the tale of two brothers who lose family members early on and try to explore how to fix this, using alchemy. This anime has emotionally captivated me, since I was a teenager and if it could be produced by a major movie producer, everyone else would be able to fall in love with this duo, as I have.

    C. I would also want to produce a movie for the anime Elfen Lied. Although this series is short, it has jam packed actions scenes, with intense gore and horror. While also captured your heart with its characters, this anime also gives you a psychological thrill ride, which would be amazing with flashy special effects and live actors.

    2. Casting: I would choose to produce the Full metal Alchemist, since I think it would really captivate the audience, with these actors:

    A. I would definitely cast Dwayne the Rock Johnson as Scar because I think that he would be able to pull off the nationalist pride well. He clearly showed this kind of pride to his nation abilities in Moana, and I think he would do the same in this remake.

    B. I think Finn Wolfhard would do a great job as Al, the younger brother in the series. He really impressed me with his acting in Stranger Things and various movies, so I think he would be able to portray his charisma, as well as his persistence well.

    C. I would also cast Winona Ryder as their teacher, Izumi, who showed them the ways of alchemy. She would do a fantastic job playing up both the campy and intense sides of this character. Winona would also know how to perfectly display hardship, through her acting and connection to her characters.

    3. Music:

    Yui – Who sung the first opening song, “Again,” for the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood anime.This was definitely my favorite opening that the show had, so having another original song by them on the soundtrack would be amazing.

    B. Ling Tosite Sigure – Who sung ‘Unravel’, for the Tokyo Ghoul opening theme. I chose this because it is one of my favorite openings ever and it is so beautifully sung, I would love to hear their songs on this soundtrack.

    C. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- Who sung the opening theme of another anime I love, called Parasyte, “”. They have such a gripping and unique sound that would add a dark element to the music of this live action soundtrack.

    4. Bonus Question: I will be cosplaying Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa, Shiro from Deadman Wonderland, and I’m undecided on what to do for the last day, but will probably be Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid.

    5. Bonus part 2:
    This is a shot of my Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, from NY Comic Con, which I was really happy with how she came out.

    1. Thank you so much Morgan for this super in-depth and well thought out submission. It’s with great pleasure to tell you that you have won a full weekend pass to the upcoming Anime NYC convention. As I’ve noted in the contest, you will be receiving an email from the organizers on how to claim this. It’s going to be a wonderful time for sure.

  5. 1:Demon slayer- As you already know it really popular right now, but it over right kinda sad. but yeah fighting and killing demon is seem like a really cool idea.
    Attack on titan- titan killing human, but really titan are human
    Assassination classroom- where your student gotta kill you aka the teacher so the earth doesn’t get destroy.
    2. Attack on titan –
    I think Liam Hemsworth would be great as Levi just because he the stronger avenger in avenger seeing him as the strongest warrior Levi make that great impact.
    Jennifer Lawrence- as Mikasa Ackerman care for everyone would save you especially one one she loves.
    I guess Tom Holland for Eren Yeager because he young doesn’t know much afraid want to learn the truth i think he make a great fit
    3. Definitely LiSA she sang the opening and ending song for Demon slayer her voices is a icon to the people and her song are really addicting
    GARNiDELiA – Her song have that nice Japanese vibes that make you feel like you in japan.
    Hatsune Miku – She can be anything from rock to rap her voices is known by all she is mean to be collaborative so her voices would be out there

    1. Hey there Justin all of this works for me and that lets me say CONGRATULATIONS on winning one of my weekend passes to next weeks Anime NYC convention. This is a three-day pass so all the awesome right? Please stay tuned for an email from the event organizers on the process to pick up your badge at the convention. See you there.

  6. 1. Sword Art Online – Oh, you die in the game you die in real life. The current season is what most people have been waiting to watch. All the action is more packed than all the previous season.
    Rising of Shield of Hero – Isekai, one of the most popular genre animes that pop up frequently. It got so popular that a 3rd season was announced before the second season was even made, how cool is that.
    Boruto – It been some time since Naruto ended. One of those popular animes that most people had watch or heard of. Now you can watch it all over again but with the children of the characters in Naruto.

    2. Sword Art Online
    Katniss Everdeen – Sinon because both these characters are sharpshooters and Sinon uses arrows and so does Katniss.
    Jason Statham as Kirito because you often see him in action and Jason appears in many action movies.
    Dwayne Johnson as Agil because they both have the intimidating look but they kind hearted people in the inside.
    Liam Hemsworth as Klein because Klein is character is portrayed as a warrior and Liam career features many acts as a warrior.

    3. LiSA – Nothing can go wrong with music from her. Many of her music is already created for Sword Art Online and putting another soundtrack for Sword Art Online would definitely work.
    Aimer – She has sung songs for the Fate series and the action in Fate is similarly to Sword Art online and would be good fit to have a soundtrack from her.
    Reona – She sang the ending songs for the current season of Sword Art Online and her voice really fit the theme of the anime.

    1. Hey Jia, this all works out as well so let’s sign you up for one of the full weekend passes to Anime NYC. Congratulations on this achievement. Please stay tuned and watch your email for a message from the organizers about how you claim this prize. I am so excited to be a part of this convention once again.

  7. Alright my Anime and Manga loving friends, our contest to win a full Weekend Pass to Anime NYC is 100% closed based on our using up the provisions we had to give away. No additional submissions will be honored. I don’t want to disappoint anyone and the staff of the convention needs the names ASAP to contact you. Congratulations on your winning this weekend pass. Remember to watch your email for information from the organizers about how to claim your ticket onsite on the opening day and check SPAM folder as well for good measure. If you don’t receive a message about this bring this information to the Show Office at the convention to help sort it out with you onsite. This was a ticket giveaway under their approval and should be easy to process. We are all going to have such a fun three days. I hope to see everyone who won and take photos of their cosplay if they dress up.

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