Win A Ticket To See Unlocking The Truth @ The Studio on 9/24/2014

UTT 6 Photo by Phil Knott
UTT 6 Photo by Phil Knott

The Details: The 3 piece band Unlocking The Truth might be a mystery to you if you are one of those fans that comes alive at the midnight hour and that is likely because its already passed these guys bedtime. Yep, I did say bedtime because the three musicians that make up Unlocking The Truth are between thirteen and fourteen years old but that does not stop them from rocking. The guys slid into the public eye by just setting up their gear in front of subway entrances, in parks and on streets around their neighborhood and crunched and rocked until told that they could not do that here. Don’t let their age fool you because these guys know how to Rock and they love the Metal so that is never a bad thing. Now their signed to Artery Recordings which is a division of Razor and Tie Entertainment and thanks to the fine promoters at Excess DB Entertainment, PiercingMetal is going to put our more curious readers into the show for free. Yes I said free and I know you guys love that stuff (I sure know that I do). Read more below to see the requirements for this contest.

When and Where: Wednesday, September 24th @ The Studio at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street, NYC)

To Participate: What I like about these guys is that it shows just how limitless the power of Metal can be. To take a chance on this contest just tell me two reasons why this show is of interest to you and make them decent reads to me. Please number them sequentially so it makes sense to the eye and I will be selecting from the submissions and letting them know right below what they entered as a response on whether they won or not – Yep, it’s that simple this time around. Please be sure to enter your full real name in the contest form along with a working email in case we need to reach you about the show. Do NOT put this private information into the comment box as I cannot approve comments with your personal email in them out of privacy concern. As all comments are moderated you will not see this until I approve so please only enter once and know that duplicate entries will be deleted. There you go, easy cheesy. So get going and let’s rock out with Unlocking The Truth together.

Restrictions: As usual all contests are open to PiercingMetal’s readers, Twitter and Instgram followers and Facebook Page likers so make sure you are down with one, two or all three of our fun social networking option. I do maintain that newer fans are looked at first meaning the ones that have never before enjoyed a contest win or are not in the winner’s circle as much as some others might be. Everyone can still enter since I never disclose just how many I have to give away so try your luck if this one excites you.

Official Links:
Unlocking The Truth:

Right now there is no music to link you to but that time is soon in coming so please do stay tuned.

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