Win A Ticket To See “KISS Rocks Vegas” @ AMC Empire 25 On 5/25/2016

Poster - KISS Rocks Vegas at AMC Empire 25

The Details: KISS is one of my very favorite bands here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ and if this is news to you then you have not been paying the proper attention to the writings. Last year, KISS did a first-ever residency in Las Vegas and highlights from these epic performances have been culled together for a film entitled “KISS Rocks Vegas”. The historic residency will be shown on the big screens at select locations for one-night only thanks to the folks at Fathom Events and even better to announce is that they want a whole bunch of PiercingMetal readers at the screening as well. Read more below on how to participate.

When and Where: Wednesday, May 25th 7:00pm at AMC Empire 25 Theatre (234 West 42nd Street NYC)

To Participate: KISS has remained one of the most exciting live shows for over forty years now and over the course of my own live concert adventures I think I have seen them about 25 times. Based on some of the diehards that I know, this is not even close to their concert attendances. This contest is the first ever movie ticket giveaway on PiercingMetal and I want it to be a special one. With this in mind please just give me three things about the band KISS that you love the most. It can span your favorite albums, songs, meet and greets or past concert experiences. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well to check them out and encourage even more giveaways of this nature. Now since there are likely newbies in the mix that want to be a part of the fun, those people can get me three solid reasons why they must be at the show. I will stress that if you are going to moan and groan about the band in today’s dynamic or want to chastise any of the members you should not even enter this giveaway because I will NOT be approving those comments. Sorry this one is all about having a good time in an awesome theater. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. Please be aware that this is for a “single ticket only” and no plus one requests will be honored. Sorry.

– Enter only enter once. All comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after your submission.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with an email address that you can be reached at if you win. This is necessary to process your ticket. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns.
– Only enter if you can and will attend the screening should you win and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for a show in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not. I am very quick to choose once a few have come in.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you all the more difficult should you be marked as a winner.

Bring it on as this one will close by 3pm on Tuesday 5/24 or when allotment has been depleted. Whichever comes first.

Restrictions: All of the PiercingMetal contests are open to our loyal readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers but that being said we are still looking for the new names first. Don’t let that stop you from entering of course but we do keep track based on the overall demand for this stuff at this point. We want EVERYONE to have a chance to enjoy a show on the provider and PiercingMetal but if you just won a contest recently you will likely not have a chance for this one. Please note that Anonymous or Guest comments will not be approved.

If You Win This Contest: If you are marked as one of the winners for this contest, here is how to claim the ticket. We cannot stress enough that you enter the contest with a valid email address because we need this to register the free ticket for you to download. After we confirm your email is valid an entry into a system will be done on your behalf and a free ticket link sent to that email address. You will need to follow the link and print your ticket and bring it to the theater on the night of the show.

Official Links:
KISS My Cinema

9 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See “KISS Rocks Vegas” @ AMC Empire 25 On 5/25/2016”

  1. Here are my three reasons for liking Kiss:

    1) They are a major influence for all generations who have made their mark on the music world and continue to do so to this day.
    2) They have an extensive catalog of great songs that get my adrenaline flowing making life enjoyable. In addition, they put on a great show and I have had the privilege to see them four times live as well as being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    3) My pen pal in Scotland is a huge fan and being able to meet the members whether it is book signings, etc. has been a wonderful friendship for the past twenty-two years. Not to mention all the memorabilia he has received over the years could be his very own Kiss Museum.

    1. I loved everything about these submissions Anne Marie so congrats on winning one of our tickets to see the screening of “KISS Rocks Vegas”. Check your email for the ticket link and follow the steps to print it out for the event.

  2. 1. Revenge- it’s the first album, I ever bought of theirs. It was one of my first cd’s, having gotten it as an Xmas present along with my first sterro. And, it remains one of my favorite albums, just cause it holds a very spell place in my heart.
    2. The makeup/ show. Come on as a comic book and horror fan Their look is everything to me! Combine that with theor great songs and is all win!
    3. Their merch. I love collecting stuff and Kiss more than satisfy that need!

    1. That was great to find “Revenge” being the first album you ever bought Giovanni, and what an album that was. The other stuff works as well for me so congratulations on being a winner of one of our tickets to see the screening of “KISS Rocks Vegas”. Check your email for this ticket link and follow the steps to print it out for the event.

  3. 1. Best fucking band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Best fucking band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Best fucking band e-v-e-r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Such language. Well, it is NYC so I should expect that every once in awhile. I’m going to assume you really want to be there so I am marking you down for a ticket. Please watch your for the ticket link and follow the steps to print it out for the event.

  4. 1. They wear more makeup than me and I respect that
    2. I bought a velvet cloak after seeing Paul Stanley in one once
    3. Disco KISS actually rules

    1. Cute stuff and I hope that somehow you will find that velvet cloak and wear it to the screening even though its supposed to be Hotter Than Hell today LOLOL, sorry I couldn’t resist. You have also won a ticket for the screening which is only a few short hours away. Watch your email for the confirmation and details on how to claim it at the theater tonight.

  5. Alright you KISS Army members that is it for our “KISS ROCKS VEGAS” contest. No more entries can be processed at this time. Congratulations to all of our winners who were entered into the system and would have received an email with the ticket link. You’ll need that to enter the film tonight so be sure to have it and check your spam folder if you didn’t see it. There will be nothing I can do from here on in. I’ll be at the film this evening as well so save some Milk Duds and Mike and Ike’s for me.

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