Win A Ticket To See Doro @ B.B. King’s On 9/10/2017

The Details: Doro Pesch is truly a Metal Queen and for more than thirty years she has been delivering the goods with her bands. We all learned of her from Germany’s Warlock and this tour is a special one as it celebrates the 30th Anniversary of that bands “Triumph and Agony” album. I understand that Doro will be delivering this release in full during her shows along with numerous other hits and having seen her so many times can say that you don’t want to miss this gig at B.B. King Blues Club. With that being said I am honored to announce that thanks to the fine folks in Marketing that some lucky PiercingMetal readers will be seeing this show for free. Check out the details on how to participate.

When and Where: Sunday, September 9th @ B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd St., NYC)

To Participate: I’ve decided to keep this an easy one and by saying that I mean I will be sticking to my usual formula of you readers giving me “3” things that you like most about the band if you have heard them already and if you are a newbie just give me “3” things that you are most interested in about their performance. Perhaps there are albums that “spoke” to you or concert appearances that sent you to the music shop to snag some of the band members earlier works. Just give me three solid answers and how important it is to be at this show. I know I make you work but I work here too so whining will not win out at all LOL. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well on how our freebies work. Plus I think Doro herself will be looking at this contest and you ALWAYS want to impress such a legendary figure. Writing “because they rock dude” is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. Kindly review some guidelines before entering your submission.

– Enter only enter once. The comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after submission.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with an email address that you can be reached at if you win. This is necessary for listing purposes. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns.
– Only enter if you can and will attend the show should you win and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for a show in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you difficult should you be marked as a winner.

Please be aware that this is for a SINGLE TICKET ONLY and no plus ones or guest requests can or will be honored. No exceptions. Bring it on as this one will close by noon on the Friday before the show or when the supply has been depleted.

Restrictions: All PiercingMetal contests are open to our loyal readers and Social Network followers but that said we are still looking for the new names first. Don’t let that stop you from entering of course but we do keep track based on the overall demand for this stuff at this point. We want EVERYONE to have a chance to enjoy a show on the provider and PiercingMetal but if you just won a contest recently you will likely not have a chance for this one. Please note that Anonymous or Guest comments will not be approved.

If You Win This Contest: If you are marked as one of the winners for this contest, here is how to claim the ticket. On the night of the show go to the venue podium and ask for the House Guest List. Please bring proper identification (driver’s license, passport, NYC ID card) and your name will be checked off that list for you to enter. If you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with venue Marketing and Check the show listings that night so you arrive with plenty of time to get a good spot. You can also expect an email to the provided address reminding you of the win so make sure that is listed as a safe domain to receive notes from.

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22 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Doro @ B.B. King’s On 9/10/2017”

  1. !. Doro is the quintessential female in metal. She started doing this long before it was cool or trendy to do it. sometimes I feel she doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

    2. Doro is a very down to earth person, easily approachable and always thankful to the fans. It is great to meet her in person.

    3. I am looking forward to see for the first time in my life the entire “Triumph of Agony” album performed live, a masterpiece of classic heavy metal music. Should be a good show.

    1. Alright Daniel that works for me. Congratulations on winning one of our Doro tickets for the show on Sunday. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  2. I have never seen Doro live and would love the opportunity to win this ticket and see her show this weekend. Three reasons why I would love to see her show are:
    1) Doro is a pioneer of the female fronted metal band and is an inspiration to currently popular female metal lead singers
    2) Her style, self-confidence, energy and vocal prowess on stage
    3) I am also a fan of her material with Warlock and she still performs Warlock songs such as “All We Are” and “Metal Tango”.

    1. Wow Jennifer, so you’ve NEVER seen her in concert before!?!? That’s insanity so let me fix that little problem and say “congratulations on winning one of our tickets to see her on Sunday”. It’s going to be a show that you will not forget any time soon since she kicks righteous butt on the stage. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  3. 1. The songs. Tracks like All We Are, Burning the Witches, and True as Steel, are among my favorite metal songs ever.
    2. True as Steel is a classic album, so is this one, of course!
    3. Doro, herself, she’s one of the nicest people in metal and AMAZING live! The true Queen of metal!!

    1. This works for me Dio oops I mean GIO ;p Congrats on winning one of our tickets to see the legendary Doro on Sunday. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  4. 1. Doro is the Queen of meatel… I have followed her since Burning the Witches …

    2. Doro is like a fine wine and gets better with age both in stage performance and song writing.

    3. Doro respect and love of her bandmates, peers and fans is amazing and unselfish.

    1. Oh Shawn you had me at “like a fine win” so congrats on winning one of our tickets to see the spectacular Doro on Sunday at B.B. King’s. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  5. What makes Doro Pesch’s performance great? I got to see her twice in concert at BB King Blues Club & Grill in 2013, plus the 25th Anniverssary U.S. show at the Gramercy Theatre in 2014. Doro always puts on an amazing show (Doro is easily showing everyone that she is still the queen of metal, respectively) and also seeing Doro’s tight-knit backing band featuring some great musicians will convince you that metal singers – as well as their players – can put on a good show. (For the record, Doro is a group not to be missed ever.)

    Doro sounds great. Piercingmetal rules. Let’s make something cool happen. Fall’s a season for metal.

    1. Some truly great points about what Doro brings to the table in concert, you are so correct on them. By the way while we love the site kudos about our own awesomeness, flattery doesn’t matter in my overall decision making process and with that being said “Congrats on winning one of our tickets to see Doro on Sunday at the venerated B.B. King’s. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  6. 1. Doro is one of the best heavy metal vocalists, a great songwriter and an amazing front woman. I have followed her ever since 80’s (Warlock) and seen many performances. As one of the pioneers for female musicians she inspired many talented artists. When the scene was mostly male singers, she rocked with more balls than most of them. The last show I saw in NYC was amazing, and I also saw her on MORC 2016 with Chris Caffery on guitar. Doro is one of the kindest and most professional band leaders in the industry. Being that we are almost the same age I admire her energy, powerful delivery and ability to stay young. She treats her fans like gold and her band members have always said she is amazing to work with.

    2. Some of her former and present band members are my friends (including Bobby Rondinelli, Paul Morris, Chris Caffery, Nick Douglas…), so it was, and always is great to see them. All of them are super talented musicians.

    3. Doro’s songs make us go upfront, sing along and go crazy! When she speaks to the audience it is always uplifting and motivational. The band captivates their fans with powerful and melodic songs including beautiful ballads. They always deliver an amazing show with ultimate dedication and electric presence.

    1. Great stuff Anne, lets keep this right to topic and say “congrats on winning one of our tickets to see Doro in Concert on Sunday”. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  7. 1. Doro and Warlock have been kicking ass for many years. Some of my favorite songs are Kiss of Death, Burning the Witches, and of course All We Are.

    2. She’s one of the top female metal singers and has paved the way for so many. I’d be surprised if a female metal singer didn’t mention Doro as one of her influences. I’d also be wary of that person, lol

    3. Even though my first introduction to the band was the “Triumph and Agony” album, I’ve yet to see Doro live.

    1. Wow Lisa, so another person who has never seen Doro live in concert? We have to fix that so congratulations on winning a ticket to see her rocking out on Sunday at B.B. King’s. Be sure to refer to the post under the section “If You Win This Contest” since it has all of the necessary details that you need to know to claim the prize.

  8. I missed watching Doro when Amon Amarth toured recently for their Jomsviking album. I had heard her sing with Johan Hegg on “A Dream that cannot be”. Johan mentioned that Doro is one of the nicest persons he has met, that she has an icon status in heavy metal but she is super mellow and nice.

    I’d love to hear Doro in person especially after her brilliant performance with Johan on “A Dream that cannot be”.

    1. Well alright Chetan, another submission by a person who has never seen Doro in concert before so let’s give you our final ticket for this Sunday’s show at the B.B. King Blues Club. Please refer to the part of the contest post marked “If You Win This Contest” for all of the necessary details on how you claim it.

  9. Alright my Metal Legions, this contest is 100% closed so NO additional submissions will be honored. Congratulations to all of our winners who were each notified below their entry by me. Just a reminder that all the winners should refer to the part of the contest marked “IF YOU WIN THIS CONTEST” for all the necessary details on how you claim it. You will need proper ID and know that tickets are non-transferable. I will be hitting this show as well and can hardly wait. Doro RULEZ!

  10. 1. Doro’s passion and love of the music she creates and for the fans is unmatched by none. She is a Warrior Soul and gives everything at every show.

    2. I first heard Warlock in the late 80s on a Washington D.C. radio station when they would play metal for two hours on Saturday nights. I bought my first Warlock cassette the next day.

    3. I’m driving up from Maryland Sat morning for the Sunday show in NYC. I have a place to stay in Brooklyn and will be there.
    If i could win a ticket, I promise the money saved on the ticket goes straight to Kathy at the merch booth for some Doro gear.
    I met Kathy when i drove from Maryland to Amityville last year to see Doro at club Revolution . What a cold night but what a great show.

    4. Last year in Maryland I met Doro and gave her a custom one of a kind photo frame I made and she made my year by dedicating Beyond the Trees to me …. my request as the encore

    In case anyone can’t make it … I decided to enter ! See you at the show !!!!

    Metal Queen
    Fur Immer

  11. 1. Doro has been carrying the flag for metal for over 35 years, even since her previous bands Snakebite, Beast & Attack, and didn’t stop during the 90s when metal was at its lowest. Seeing her dedication to the genre always shows throughout her performances.

    2. She wrote a song dedicated solely to the fans: “We are the metalheads”, which shows her love for the fans more than ever, it’s always a pleasure when she plays that song.

    3. Towards the end of her shows, she always asks a fan what song they would like to hear. It’s a rare thing for any band to do that, since most bands have the same setlist throughout the whole tour. She keeps it interesting with each show by doing that.

    She always puts on a good show of Warlock/Doro solo material and with her playing “Triumph & Agony” in its entirety, I’d love to see “Kiss of death” performed live…a true hidden gem.

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