Win A Ticket To See Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy @ B.B. Kings On 11/14/2014

Poster - Carl Palmer at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: Carl Palmer is one of the most legendary of names when it comes to Progressive Rock drumming and the craft as a whole and for decades he has both thrilled and inspired anyone who dared brave a pair of drumsticks on their own. I’ve been a fan for most of my life ever since I first heard “Brain Salad Surgery” by the also legendary band that he hailed from (Emerson Lake and Palmer for those sleeping and not aware of this). Seeing a player like Carl do his thing in person is both awesome and scary since it’s somewhat superhuman. Being asked by B.B. King Blues Club to host a contest for his upcoming show at the venue is also awesome so read more below on how you can take part in this. I want to rally the drumming readers of PiercingMetal at this one for sure because this show is listed as his ELP Legacy tour and he will be bringing you that bands greatest numbers.

When and Where: Friday, November 14th at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd St. NYC)

To Participate: I’ve decided that I want to lean this contest to the drummers in my readership the most because they will be taking the most from this show for sure. Of course that doesn’t mean everyone cannot enter, but know in advance that my fellow percussionists have a lead in the race on you already. That said I want the drummers to give me three reasons why Carl’s playing is so important to them or how he has influenced their own style of drumming. Bonus points if you share with us what kind of kit you are using. Now the non-drummers who are dying to see this show need only tell me three reasons why they are interested in this show. I will be selecting the best from the submissions and responding to them directly. Please be sure to enter your full real name and a working email address so you might be reached about the contest and since all comments are moderated I ask that you only enter once. Don’t enter the email information in the comment itself but only the form so I see it. Bring it on “click, click, click, click” (oh that’s a drummer counting off the beginning of the contest)

Restrictions: All PiercingMetal contests are open to our regular readers along with those who actively participate in our social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) but with that being the case know that we are always looking for new winners first to give everyone a fair shot at being at the show. However if you have won only recently you will not be eligible for this one either and oh yeah, anonymous and guest submissions while approved are not valid so be sure you are entering the information correctly.

Official Links:
Carl Palmer:

Carl and his solo band have a few releases out that you might want to check out and I have linked them for you below.

12 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy @ B.B. Kings On 11/14/2014”

  1. My daughter, Alexis Reynolds (age 16) has been playing and taking lessons now for about 4 years. You can see her on you tube. If I were to win this contest it would not be for me. It would be for her! I have seen Carl with ELP as far back as 1975 and several times with ASIA. In fact I believe the 2nd show Asia ever did was in Utica NY and I was there. But most important, Alexis loves the old progressive Rock n Roll and this is one experience that I know will influence her and one she would never forget.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Hey Jeff that is FANTASTIC information and I am stoked to learn that your daughter is playing the drums. Since I am sure that this show will blow her young mind for years to come and that it will be super influential to her let me say congratulations on winning a ticket to the show to see Carl Palmer and given her age and this big old city, I am giving you one as well to make sure its a super positive night. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes the contest and informs winners on how they claim it at the venue that night.

  2. When I first started playing drums at the age of 14 I already was a fan of Carl Palmer. I was a huge Atomic Rooster (or Roooster as it was pronounced on the 1st and only Lp he played on.) His dynamics and style were not of a rock drummer but as a Jazz drummer. As Jazz and rock molded into progrock it took his newly formed band to the next level. His drumming was not to be messed with. No disrespect to the phenomenal drummer (Cozy Powell) that replaced him as he moved over to ASIA but things were never the same for me
    I had seen the reformed ELP back in 1992 at Jones Beach and Carls drumming was still spot on. Does anyone remember the band 3 which was Emerson and Palmer with Robert Berry.
    Even though Carl plays one of my favorite types of kit (Ludwig Vistalites,John Bonham also used) I play a Tama Superstar.
    Maybe one day I will own one as well

    1. That all sounds great to me Ian so congratulations you have won a ticket to see Carl Palmer on Friday at B.B. King’s. Please stay tuned to the comments for the one from me that closes up the contest and lines out the necessary details for you to claim it.

  3. It’s been far too long since the last time I saw Carl Palmer ( ELP at MSG with the full orchestra). As a drummer myself, still playing my original Slingerland 4 piece kit from the early 70,s, Carl’s drumming was a huge influence on me. In addition, Palmer helped me discover the drumming genius of Buddy Rich. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

    1. We’re going to fix that Paul and say congratulations on winning a ticket to see Carl Palmer on Friday night at B.B. King’s. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes up the contest and lines out the details necessary on how you claim this at the show.

  4. As a late bloomer, I had my first Ludwig kit (and lesson) at age 25. Carl was one of my first inspirations. I always thought girl drummers were so cool and wanted to be one. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have enough time to devote to practice and ended up selling the kit. Today, many years later, the rhythm & beat remains in my blood and my new kits are now my steering wheel, my thighs and any table that I can get my hands on! I would love the opportunity to see Carl in action. Thanks for considering me. I look forward to a SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS!

    1. That’s great to hear Mary Anne, and while you sadly sold off your kit please know that you are not alone in the using of the steering wheel and tables and such. I annoy all of my friends with this, especially when its correct to the song. That said you have also won a ticket to see Carl Palmer on Friday. Please stay tuned for the details in a comment from me that closes the giveaway and lines out the details.

      1. Mary Anne, Paul wrote me and mentioned that you would be going to this show together so you are listed as his plus one since that was all he said was needed. See you at the show.

  5. Carl is the man. He is still kicking ass and plays with energy. I bought his Ludwig snare drum which is autographed by Carl inside.
    I like Tarkus because it reminded me of music from Planet of the Apes, ha, ha.

    Rock on Carl!!

  6. Carl is indeed the man Ken and like you said has still got the chops. This show is going to rock so congratulations on winning a ticket to the show to see him on Friday. Please stay tuned for the details in a comment from me that closes the giveaway and lines out the details.

  7. Listen up my friends for our contests at an end, I’m so glad you want to attend etc. etc. etc. Sorry I got carried away here but this contest to see the great Carl Palmer is at a close and check this out. Every single entry has won two tickets to the show so please be sure to bring someone along who is going to love this as much as you will. I’m letting you know nice and early so you can find someone to join you.

    Now the details. On the night of the show, after getting on the line to enter the venue, go downstairs to the venue podium with identification and ask for the Venue House List. Your name will be checked off and you and your guest let inside. Should you encounter any issues, please politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with venue marketing. I’ll be there covering the show too so if you should see me please feel free to say hello (just make sure I am not shooting photos first).

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