Win A Ticket For Tom Keifer @ B.B. King’s on 7/29/2014

Poster - Tom Kiefer at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: Tom Keifer is the legendary voice behind the Blues-laden Hard Rock sensation known as Cinderella and he is once again out on a solo tour to entertain his fans. Perhaps you have seen him before fronting Cinderella and if this is the case you know what you are going to get at this one, a night of excellence. His latest solo album is called “The Way Life Goes” and this time around he is hitting the venerated B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square and thanks to the clubs Marketing Team, is preparing their readers for the “Long Cold Winter” during the blazing hot summer for free. Yes, I said for free. Read on.

When and Where: Tuesday, July 29th at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd St. NYC)

To Participate: Just tell me three reasons why Mr. Keifer does it for you musically and please be sure to make them good ones. Simply saying “because he rocks dude” is not going to work at all. Bonus points to those who might have something cool to share about their experience as a fan of his but if you are completely new that should not stop you either. I will be replying to the winning comments directly and letting you know if you have won. Remember to put your full real name in the comment form along with an email address to reach you if you won. Do NOT put this in the comment itself out of privacy concerns and only enter once (any edits will not be honored – sorry). I will be letting winners know directly under their comment so it’s best to subscribe to them for the duration of this contest. Bring it on.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Interested parties should still enter for good measure because you never know just how many tickets we are offering and when the last person might have won. Guest and Anonymous entries are not valid.

Official Website:
Official Website:

Below you’ll find a link to Tom Keifer’s latest solo album and a number of Cinderella classics on . where you can get a good price.

17 thoughts on “Win A Ticket For Tom Keifer @ B.B. King’s on 7/29/2014”

  1. Hello Ken,

    Here are my 3 reasons:

    1. I have seen Cinderella 3 separate times before and am sure Tom solo will be as equally impressive.
    2. I have gotten laid to no less than 4 different Cinderella songs throughout the years.
    3. “Don’t Know What You Got Till Its Gone” is one of the biggest influences in FerreTT’s “Cry of the Black Footed Ferret.”

    Thank you

    1. Okay Brent, if the great Cinderella has inspired FerreTT how can I not say anything other than “Congratulations you have won a ticket to the show on Tuesday”. Please stay tuned for the details on how you claim this at the venue that night.

  2. OK, I’ll try to break down my LOVE for TOm Keifer in 3 reasons why he rocks

    1) I MUST see Tom Keifer — He’s been on my BUCKET LIST for years and without seeing him, I will not be complete!! LOVED HIM since I first laid eyes on him on that NOBODY’s FOOL video in the late 80s — I”ve been HIS FOOL ever since!! Cinderella’s music was the soundtrack to my youth! Also….BEST HAIR IN ROCK n ROLL – Late 80s I used to bring a pic of him to the beauty parlor and the hair i MUST HAVE! I have a pic to prove, but didn’t know how to Cut and Paste here LOL

    2) LOVE THAT RASPY VOICE– NO ONE CAN COMPARE !! Tom has one of the most distinct voices in ROck n Roll — AND on the “Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell” tribute CD, Tom belts out “Move Over” BETTER than Janis Joplin (and I dont care WHO I piss off with that comment)

    3) My last reason is that after all these years Tom’s STILL ROCKIN, KEEPING IT REAL, and LOOKING DAMN GOOD DOING IT (unlike some of these other 80s rocker dudes looking scarier and scarier with every tour). I LOVE YOU, TOM!!! DONT EVER STOP!!!

    1. Alright Colleen you have convinced me and have won a ticket to see Tom Kiefer at B.B. King’s next Tuesday. Please watch for a comment from me that closes up the contest and lines out the details that you need to know to claim it that night.

  3. Here we go!

    I’ve been awaiting The Way Life Goes album with anticipation since 2003! I look forward to hearing how the tunes will sound performed live considering all the stacked guitars and overdubs that are recorded on the album.

    I’ve seen Cinderella in back in the 80’s-90’s, but since I partook in too much pre-gaming, my memory is fuzzy of their live performances -but I know I had a freakin’ blast! Rockin’ tunes, awesome ballads — that aren’t too cheesy – Cinderella was just an awesome, entertaining band, led by Keifer and I sooooo want to see him live now! Mostly, I want to get in front of that stage with my girls and Rock it Out on a Tuesday night!!!

    I don’t care if it was Bon Jovi or Gene Simmons who helped Cinderella become as popular as they were. They deserved it! I remember the first time I saw them on MTV, when they played music videos, and I just loved everything about their sound and their look. I am equally as excited to hear the Cinderella tunes, and his new stuff!

    1. Well Karen this sounds like a show that you need to be at so let’s lock it in and say “Congratulations, you have won a ticket to see Tom Kiefer at B.B. King’s this coming Tuesday.” Please watch these comments for the one that I post to close it and line out the winner details in. This is going to Rock!

  4. I have been in love with Tom since day one. Those lisp could drive any woman mad then add that voice…wow …but a bit more seriously

    I love the sound of the classic Les Paul and Tom pulls it off like he’s “nobody’s fool”
    Tom’s extreme unique voice is the only to fit into the glass slipper 🙂 there is nothing like that voice gives me shivers every time
    I am all about the 80’s and Tom and the boys were a huge part of my youth. I had the pleasure to meet him last year in AC and take a MORC countdown picture with him and he is one of the most humble rock stars I have ever met. I am going on MORC again in April and can’t wait to see him on there too. But very excited to rock out in at B.B. Kings on Tuesday night with my awesome girlfriends.
    When Tom lost his ability to sing he cried out “save me” then fans responded and encouraged him to bounce back and all were saved. Now being a Hungarian myself I’d like to think he passes my house on the “gypsy road”

    1. You’ve convinced me Anita, the “Gypsy Road” of Rock and Roll is going to “Save You” as I say “Congratulations, you have won a ticket to see Tom Kiefer at B.B. King’s on Tuesday. As I mention to other winners, please pay mind to these comments for one from me that closes this up and tells all the lucky participants how they claim it at the show.

  5. 1. I’ve seen Cinderella at least a dozen times, and they never disappoint.

    2. His solo album ‘The Way Life Goes’ is fantastic and maybe the best record he’s done.

    3. It would be nice to see Tom Kiefer in a small club, as I’ve only seen him with Cinderella in big arenas.

    1. I will keep this brief John, you have won a ticket to see Tom Kiefer at B.B. King Blues Club on Tuesday night. Please stay tuned to these comments for one from me that closes it up and lines out the details. Kudos.

  6. 1- Cinderella was one of my anthem bands coming through both junior & high school.
    2- I’m inclined to hear music in a very personal way as it should be I suppose. I embraced “Nobody’s Fool” and allowed it to empower me as I made it through the social clicks. I was cool & deemed most beautiful of my class but I was not a follower; thus at times the outsider. I repurposed this song to all my relationships, i.e. Friends, family, etc
    3- As someone who aspires to sing some blues/jazz one day…A soulful voice with power has my full attention; mind, body & soul. Need I say more.

    1. I love this response Deanna and say thou art a winner of a ticket for the show on Tuesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes it all up and lines out the details on how you claim this at the club.

  7. 1. I have loved Cinderella since the 80’s!! My first time seeing them was in Florida. Took a shot at calling a radio contest on a pay phone. That was the first time I ever won anything!! 2. Tom Keiffer’s voice is so unique and unlike any other. Would love to hear him solo! 3. Lastly I have never been to BB Kings and couldn’t think of a better time to visit the venue! Tom Keiffer at BB Kings would bring me home to the 80’s.

    1. Great stuff Andrea, you have also won a ticket to see Tom Kiefer at B.B. King Blues Club on Tuesday. Please stay tuned to my comments for one that closes up this contest and lets winners know how they claim this on the day of the show (tonight).

  8. Alright my friends, this is the end of our contest for Tom Kiefer’s show at B.B. King’s which is tonight. Congratulations to all of our responders because each of you has won a ticket to the show. I let you know that of course already but this is to make sure. The details are as follows. When you get to the venue, go to the podium downstairs and ask for the House Guest List, your name will be there and be checked off. There might be a PiercingMetal contest reference as well, and should you encounter any difficulties please politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in cooperation with venue Marketing. I’ll be there doing my thing tonight so please feel free to say hello if you should see me (just make sure I am not shooting or anything as that will distract me 🙂 – Time to Rock!!!!

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