Win A Ticket For Stryper @ Stage 48 On 7/24/2016

Back in early June, Stryper was set to perform at the Stage 48 venue but due to circumstances beyond their control the show was postponed and rescheduled for this new date that you see below on the poster. I’m happy to announce that in addition to the rescheduled show, there is a new contest to get some more fans into the event. The contest below is exactly the same as the last one that we featured so check it out.

Poster - Stryper at Stage 48 - Reschedule 716

The Details: It’s always great when those Soldiers Under God’s Command drop by our Metal Metropolis for a show and once again they will be bringing their great live sound to the Stage 48 venue on the West Side of town. Though I’ve said this before I think that the attack of the yellow and black keeps many fans on a positive Metal path and while we will surely be getting some new greatness from the most recent album “Fallen”, we are closing in on the 30th Anniversary of their classic “To Hell With The Devil” album from 1986 as well. I can assure you that this is going to be a fun night of music from beginning to end and will even feature some talented local players as the opening bands. Now, add to this coolness the absolute levels of awesome in the fact that the Marketing Team behind Stage 48 who have asked PiercingMetal to hold this contest and put some people in the room for free. This excites me almost as much as the fact that the band still possesses all original members still in 2016. Read more on how to participate in this one.

When and Where: Sunday, July 24th @ Stage 48 (605 West 48nd Street, NYC)

To Participate: Having done several contests for this fine band already I am running out of creative different ideas so will use the same as our last go round. I don’t think you’ll mind at all so here we go. If you are a fan of the band already let me know just how much you want to see this show and tell me what about Stryper appeals to you the most. If you are one of the new and curious, convince me why you should make the cut. You can put as many reasons as you like but I must request that there are at least three for me to read. I will be selecting the best comments and replying directly to their submission. Here are some guidelines.

_ If you won the contest for the shows originally scheduled date contest in June DO NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST. I will address your circumstance further down this post.
– Enter only enter once. The comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after submission.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with an email address that you can be reached at if you win. This is necessary for listing purposes. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns.
– Only enter if you can and will attend the show should you win and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for a show in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you difficult should you be marked as a winner.

This contest will close by end of business on Wednesday 7/20 or when sufficient entries have been received. Go get ‘em.

Restrictions: PiercingMetal’s contests are open to our loyal readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers but that being said we are still looking for the new names first. Don’t let that stop you from entering of course but we do keep track based on the overall demand for this stuff at this point. We want EVERYONE to have a chance to enjoy a show on the provider and PiercingMetal but if you just won you will likely not have a chance for this one. Please note that Anonymous or Guest comments will not be approved.

If You Win This Contest:
If you are marked as one of the winners for this contest, here is how to claim the ticket. On the night of the show go to the venue box office and politely ask for the House Guest List. There might be a “PiercingMetal Contest” reference as well. Please bring proper identification (driver’s license, passport, NYC ID card) and your name will be checked off that list for you to enter. If you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with venue Marketing and You can also expect an email to the provided address reminding you of the win so make sure that is listed as a safe domain to receive notes from.

If You Won This Contest For The 6/12 Date: Your winning ticket is STILL VALID and your name is still on file with the venue so you are good to go to this show. Hopefully you still want to do that and you can submit a comment for me to see that I will mark down on a new master list for the events promoters.

Official Links:
Stryper –

I’ve always considered Stryper one of my Hard Rock and Metal guilty pleasures and as result I enjoy quite a bit of their songs. Here are a number of links for the bands output so you can check it out as well. I hope that you will agree with me after deeper listening.

One thought on “Win A Ticket For Stryper @ Stage 48 On 7/24/2016”

  1. Wow so no new takers on this one eh? Alright, I guess all of you are going to see Guns N Roses instead. That’s a shame but on that note this contest is 100% officially closed. This one has no winners but those who won the ticket for the first time we held that are still good to go and your names have been sent as reminders to the venue. Enjoy the show, I am afraid that I will be missing this one.

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