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“When They Call My Name” (Single) by Black Veil Brides

Artist: Black Veil Brides
Title: “When They Call My Name” (Single)
Label: Lava Music/Republic Records
Release Date: 11/3/2017
Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Coming at their fans as a slightly late Halloween present is what amounts to the third single from the upcoming Black Veil Brides album “Vale” with the song “When They Call My Name”. Back in September I discussed the second single “My Vow” and quite a few months ago was “The Outsider”, and I enjoyed them both. That’s left me curious as to the rest of the full work so I was interested in hearing just what was in store for the fans with “When The Call My Name”. The song begins with a slightly solemn intro and leads you to believe this a sort of ballad but it isn’t at all.

The lyrical flow is a tad cryptic at the onset with Biersack stating that he won’t come back to fall off track as his fifteen minutes were all through which plays on the whole idea of ones “fifteen minutes of fame”. From there he seems to speak to one who is most important to his world and how he needs them to make everything alright. There is the whole “millennial whoop” we referenced on another track, and yeah this is a super common melodic vibe nowadays which is found in more tracks than I can cite. From here it leads us to a rousing chorus and one that I think will find the fans all reaching for their mobile phones to shine them brightly because who carries a lighter anymore. A tasty guitar reak is present and I think this one might be my first favorite song on the album. “Vale” hits the streets in early January so I am thinking this is our final single narrative. Am I right? Am I wrong? Should we wager? Until next time.

Track Listing:
1. When They Call My Name

Official Website:

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