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Welcome to PiercingMetal Musings; The Official Blog of PiercingMetal.com

While I’ve been meaning to start this blog thing up for some time, I should say that therein lies the problem – the time to get it done properly and keep it interesting is not always something I have available. I’m convinced that working a 9-5 job all day and then choosing to do the “Metal Media Guy” thing in the evening is not only going to cost me my sleep but also my sanity. Oh well, I guess we shall see what happens going forward. My plan for this blog is to outline some of the other thoughts that I come up with based on or around the Heavy Metal reviews website that I have had for a couple of years now, and the adventures that I sometimes have in running it. Let’s face it, not everything that happens in my day as a writer and photographer fall into the context of conventional reviews. If it works and interests some who have never heard of PiercingMetal.com before then fantastic, and on the other hand if it becomes merely a place to rant and vent about weird stuff that happens then I guess that is acceptable as well. I can’t focus too much on senseless worry as it clogs the creative process.

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I will do my best to get down to the business of living life as a music scribe, enjoying it, and delivering stories that I found interesting enough to tell. Perhaps I will add some topics that relate to the comic book medium or films since I am very interested in those but only the geek stuff. It might be a good idea to lead you to certain review content on the main website like the shows and since you cannot comment on those posts based on the hard coded HTML, the blog is the perfect place for you to lend me your thoughts. It’s going to be a constant work in progress I am thinking.

Blogging is something totally new to me as a creative resource but it sure seems to be getting popular as a way to do things. Some writers are hating it since they feel its unprofessional while others are embracing it. I am willing to give it a whirl in the hope that it directs more and more people to the existence of the core website. By the way, we are using WordPress as our medium now and for those who first found the blog under the Blogger angle, that was imported and appended to work in WordPress. The original Blogger account was deleted in full so should not cause any confusion and now all of the web traffic belongs to this domain. That’s never a bad thing. Enjoy the ride and please by all means leave us comments about what you love or hate the most since that kind of stuff is possible in this software. I prefer the positive commentary but like the saying goes “haters gonna hate” so if its constructive critique its welcome but anything outside the box belligerent might not see the light of day.

UPDATE 8/1/2014: Since the time that this post was originally presented to readers back in 2007, PiercingMetal.com has integrated all of the content on the “PiercingMetal Musings” side blog presence making it all one big presentation. The explanation can be found on THIS LINK. We thank you for your interest in this blog for so many years and now you will be able to enjoy the same ideas under one PiercingMetal roof which I think will work out even better in the long run. I also encourage the interested to follow our social networks which have been linked below to be on point with everything this outlet is working on.

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  1. Yeah yeah…so it will cost you your sanity. That doesn’t matter. It’s for a good cause. And we’re all insane anyway 😉

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