Wednesday 13 @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (2/8/2009)

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Artist: Wednesday 13
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Mercurial & Unknown
Date: 2/8/2009
Label: Independent Artist

According to my mental Metal calendar it had only been about six months since I last saw Wednesday 13 and his band perform, but as I might have stated before, I always have such a good time at his shows and such is the reasoning for me once again hitting the event when he gets to this neck of the woods. He wasn’t touring with any band that I immediately recognized so I didn’t rush to get into the venue but when I did arrive it seemed to be during the performance of the first opener and their name unfortunately escaped me. Since my immediate visual was that of two dudes suspended by piercings I assumed that I had already missed too much to catch up. Mercurial was up next and for some reason their sound just didn’t appeal to me so I opted to hang around with friends that were convening in the downstairs part of the venue instead of remaining near the stage until they finished. Wednesday 13 and the guys have a strong core fan base in NYC and while this venue tonight was not packed there were more than a couple of hundred people there and many faces I remembered from the last gig and the time immediately before that one.

W13: Wednesday and the guys came out rather quickly after the direct support and as I glanced around it seemed as though all of the Gothic Horror Rockers were in place that were planning on being here this evening. It’s always good when a band draws in its regulars but in the case of this garish group perhaps I should say its “irregulars” to be more specific. The guys were still supporting the last album that they released entitled “Skeletons”, but now they also had a live DVD/CD under their belt as well that they were calling “F**k It We’ll Do It Live” and all of this is being independently released by W13 and his company so its important for the fans to seek out and purchase this stuff to make sure he gets to keep doing more. He would open with “I Want You Dead” and jump right into one of my own favorites with “Till Death Do Us Party”. My vantage point tonight allowed me to snare a visual of the set list and I was loving what I saw since it was not only delivering some of the new cool tunes but he was also making sure to get to many numbers that I always seem to enjoy. Wednesday seems to have totally recovered from his injury that kept him from playing guitar and instead being more involved in the visual angle in addition to the singing. While I am glad to find him back in command entirely I had to admit that I missed all of the extra visuals that he was tossing into the show when he had the ability to. Perhaps he can revisit this because it was like watching a modern day Alice Cooper show when he did this. Those who have read anything about the musician know that he is very influenced by the legendary Shock Rocker and it must be said that W13 and his visuals are very in tune with the actual songs that he employs them during. We wouldn’t see the werewolf tonight since he didn’t play “American Werewolves in London” but we would find the Zombie milling around for the band standard “I Walked with a Zombie”. “Happily Ever Cadaver” is my tune of tunes in his set and when he does this one the place all seems to sing along with him, and that’s what’s great about his material – the fact that many chorus parts are easy to get the crowd helping you out a little bit. It totally makes this an entertaining Rock show and that is what this stuff is all about. The band was on target this evening as Johnny Chops pounded away on the drums in the back while Nate Hate and J-Sin Trioxin did their thing on bass and lead guitar. They were very animated this evening and were shooting back and forth across the stage which made it very difficult to get a bead on them at times. I like that the whole band is excited during their gigs because that is what a Rock show is all about. In this type of band most specifically, it is much more than about just standing there and playing your instrument.

Wednesday spoke to the crowd a lot, and this is a continual practice since he has a real connection with his fans. One can often find him hanging around the merchandise table to meet those who chose to stay and say hello and this is something more bands should do if possible since it keeps you important in their eyes. He delivered the title track from “Skeletons” but still no “My Demise” and that was a shame since this is one powerful tune that I can envision going over well. “Rambo” had everyone chanting the spelling of the famous Stallone mercenary and “Fuck” had everyone yelling…..well, you get the point right? Normally this would be the end of the show and Wednesday fooled us with that and said that there was one more coming as the band blasted into a Horror Rock version of KISS’ “Rock And Roll All Nite”. They did a great job of it, and certainly more on the money than Poison did when they assaulted it on one of their albums but what made it all the more a surprise was the presence of two members of Type-O-Negative who joined the band onstage and sang the chorus with them. The crowd went wild as it saw both Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey up there doing that and anyone that had a camera phone or little point and shoot was doing there best to catch a little bit of this chaos on their device for all eternity.

All in all this was a rousing good time and one that was very sorely needed by this music reporter. I’m not too sure when he will return but given the way that this has worked in the past I am sure it will be about six months or so from now, so make sure you watch the event calendars so you can be there with us. Remember to pick up his new studio CD and the live release because they will be necessary background material for all of you newbie’s out there. The diehards already have had them for months and that’s a very good thing.

Set List:
1. I Want You Dead
2. Till Death To Us Party
3. 197666
4. Home Sweet Homicide
5. Scary Song
6. From Here To The Hearse
7. Skeletons
8. Look What The Bats Dragged In
9. Faith In The Devil
10. Happily Ever Cadaver
11. Rot For Me
12. House By The Cemetery
13. Put Your Death Mask On
14. I Walked With A Zombie
15. Rambo
16. Bad Things
17. I Love To Say Fuck
18. Roc & Roll All Nite

One of the great things about NYC shows is that you never know who is going to show up at a gig and tonight we found two members of the mighty Type O Negative dropping in.  Here is a shot of W13 guitarist J-Sin Trioxin and TON drummer Johnny Kelly.

J-Sin Trioxin & Johnny Kelly - 2009

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