Watkins Glen International Pulls Plug On “Woodstock 50” Location

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Tenured readers are already pretty much up to date on the developments about the much lauded “Woodstock 50” Anniversary Concert which has been broadcast as being held up in Watkins Glen State Park some 255 miles from where I keep you in the aware at my Metal Media Command HQ in Brooklyn. The first dent in the armor came when an investment group pulled out (noted HERE) but it was quickly spoken against by the Festival Organizer Michael Lang (seen HERE). Yesterday, the event received another blow to the abdomen which you can learn more about after the next logo.

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Yesterday, the news started making the rounds that Watkins Glen International racetrack will no longer be serving as the venue hosting the upcoming Woodstock 50 Festival. As I didn’t receive the official statement here at the Metal Media Command HQ I did some poking around and discovered the WGI Statement which has been copied below.

“Watkins Glen International terminated the site license for Woodstock pursuant to provisions of the contract. As such, WGI will not be hosting the Woodstock 50 Festival.”

As many of our readers know (well, the ones following the information at least), this festival is now just 66 days away from its scheduled start and was supposed to be here at the racetrack location. This event will be marking the 50th Anniversary of the Famous Concert from 1969 and has bands like Jay-Z, Dead & Co, The Killers, Chance The Rapper and Santana.

At the time of this announcement I haven’t seen any commentary or updates from the festival organizers and despite this news, the event still shows up as happening on the Official Website. Should anything else surface I will add it to the running mix of posts about it.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Let’s review here shall we. No major investors, no tickets on sale, and now no location with less artists (as some have pulled back on it all). Now I mentioned how this purported location was some 255 miles away from me, and with no car we had no real way to go to this thing. There was also a complete absence of Metal and Heavy Rock from the event which kept my interest level low. For those who were curious about how far this is from the original Woodstock, well its almost a four hour ride by car from there and 193 miles from space to space. Slightly “closer” than we Big Apple dwellers for sure. As I mentioned also, I am just keeping people in the loop since not all of our readers are Metal diehards exclusively and sometimes enjoy a different melodic vibe in their day. Truth be told I just cannot see this thing happening with so much now against them but I am not involved in the meetings about it and don’t know all of the other logistics that are in play so only time will tell. Let’s see what happens. Feel free to chime in on this if you like as its always welcome to see what you think.

Official Website: http://www.woodstock.com

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