Watch The New Lamb Of God’s Video “512” From “Sturm Und Drang”

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As I write this my phone is telling me that it is 87 degrees outside and while I prefer to stay inside with the air conditioning, I felt the best way to prepare myself both physically and mentally for the heat was by amping things up inside with the newest video by the mighty Lamb Of God. The clip showcases their recently unveiled tune entitled “512” from the forthcoming album “Sturm Und Drang” (that’s “storm and drive” in German in case you were not too sure) and was directed by Jorge Torres-Torres. Check it out and then we can discuss.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Let me start out by saying that the tune itself is pretty hot as a track. There is a lot of great guitar riffing along with some sweet double bass drumming that found my feet trying to keep syncopated as it played out. As you can see this clip appears to tell a story that finds a group of friends out partying and wandering down some remote space where they stumble across a dead body in the water. From what I determined the body is known to all of these people which is obviously upsetting and during this time they are observed by a mysterious figure in the shadows and I was not sure if this was a real person or the manifestation of something darker. Later on at a service for said person we find the friends at odds and fighting amongst themselves and I was guessing that one of them was whacked out on something and claimed to be the culprit or said something unkind about the recently deceased and well this particular person is met up with once more with an equally terrible result. We see the mystery figure once more and this left me thinking the fight and insane bravado forced a misplaced judgement. Either way this was a solid clip and I think the LOG fans are going to dig it. The band keeps rising in power and impressing all who attend their shows and I cannot wait to hear the rest of this album. As you probably are aware the guys will be heading out onto the road with Slipknot for a sure fire powerful tour. What did you think about the video? Let me know in the comments below which have been left open for your submissions.

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You can order the new album in advance via the link below and it will come to you right away as soon as its available.

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