Watch Arch Enemy’s New Video “War Eternal” w/Alissa White-Gluz

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Just the other day the announcement came from the Arch Enemy camp that their long time singer Angela Gossow was leaving the lineup and joining the group in her stead would be Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist. I blogged the official statements along with some photos that I took over the years right HERE for you to refresh your memory. Now that its public knowledge, we have our first look and listen to Arch Enemy with Alissa fronting them in the new video “War Eternal”. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts:
As you can see the clip was done by Patric Ulleaues who is very well known for the form and adept at bringing a powerful Metal video to the masses. The setting of the clip finds the band on a sort of stage with lots of light flashing at you while their banners fly in the background. Alissa looks good as she commands the charge while they play and she is the most visible in the clip as well. In general the band is shadowy or faded with only brief clarity when the light hits them. This was likely done on purpose to lay heavy emphasis on Alissa in the role as new singer. The song is pretty straight forward recent sounding Arch Enemy in terms of its composition so if you have been enjoying what they have been doing in the recent past this track should appease you. I think Alissa does a fine job on this tune and am very interested in seeing how she delivers the classics like “We Will Rise” and “Dead Eyes See No Future”. What do you folks think? I have left the comments open for you to share about the video.

Alissa White-Gluz (w/The Agonist 2012)
Alissa White-Gluz (w/The Agonist 2012)

The shot above shows Alissa fronting The Agonist back in 2012 at one of the many shows of theirs that I photographed. As you can see she has an intensity about her on the stage and this reassures me about the adventure that she is preparing to undertake. I know a lot of the legions of Arch Enemy fans are up in arms about this news but let’s give Alissa a chance. Remember to keep up with the latest band developments via their Official Website which is linked below. “War Eternal” will be released in June 2014 via Century Media Records. Let the countdown to the next chapter in Arch Enemy history begin now…….

Official Website:

2 thoughts on “Watch Arch Enemy’s New Video “War Eternal” w/Alissa White-Gluz”

  1. now this is A COMPETENT decision …

    not the disaster of that old useless [censored] who replaced Tarja in nightwish.

    angela has a worthy successor with alissa 🙂

  2. she has some big shoes to fill in my opinion ! Angela was a powerful frontperson to say the least ! i am still asking why did angela step down ? health issues ?

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