“Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge” by Molly Hatchet

Artist: Molly Hatchet
Title: “Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 5/24/2005
Genre: Southern Rock
Rating: 7/10

Holding on strong to their roots the legendary Molly Hatchet returns with “Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge”. The signature sound is still there from top to bottom and will surely impress the fans with its loyalty. However, the more impressive part is that it is almost an entirely different line up from the original band and has been the case for over ten years. Original lead singer Danny Jo Brown passed away last year but seems to be channeled through Phil McCormack who is literally a vocal clone of the original. I mean this as a compliment as half of the band appeal became the unique vocal style and to find a suitable replacement that sounded different could have caused the band some problem. Guitarist Bobby Ingram had a hand in the naming of the record as the whole recording is dedicated to his wife Stephanie who passed away suddenly in 2004 while he was on tour. Using the Norse mythological Rainbow Bridge gives way to the thought that the departed are still with us and waiting for our arrival on the other side of the bridge. Musically this album has a lot of appeal for the bands longtime fan base and can be a hit with some new ones. Not one ounce of the Southern Rock appeal is lost in the piece and there is some solid Rocking for as fans of the genre can attest Molly Hatchet always leaned a little to the Hard Rock side. Songs like “Son Of The South” is a surefire hit with catchy lyrics like “sweet potato pie and hush my mouth”.

Righteous duel jamming is present in “Flames Are Burning” and “Roadhouse Boogie” and that will appeal to the Allman/Skynrd sect. “Rainbow Bridge” gives Stephanie a dedication deserving of her standing in the Hatchet family. As a silent member of the band her spirit will live on and guitarist Ingram could have hoped for nothing more. It’s a moving piece that I think everyone will like.

It’s a solid album for all Southern Rock fans and Hatchet has not seemed too slowed down despite the tragedies they have faced. If anything this is a testimony to life and renewed commitment to their music. The South surely seems to have risen again with the “The Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge”, check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Son Of The South
2. Moonlight Dancing On The Bayou
3. I’m Ready For You
4. Roadhouse Boogie
5. Time Keeps Slipping Away
6. Get In The Game
7. Flames Are Burning
8. Hell Hath No Fury
9. Gone In Sixty Seconds
10. Behind The Bedroom Door
11. No Stranger In The Darkness
12. Rainbow Bridge

Official Web site: www.mollyhatchet.com

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