“Warrior Soul” by Doro

Artist: Doro
Title: “Warrior Soul”
Label: Locomotive Music
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Doro Pesch has been holding the banner of Metal triumph high for many years as one of the most dedicated females to ever approach the business. From the time she fronted Germany’s Warlock through her very productive solo years, you always knew that Doro was out to deliver the goods. Her new album “Warrior Soul” brings her back closer to the work she did years ago with Warlock than ever before with songs like “Haunted Heart” and “Strangers Yesterday”. Both tracks holding a solid classic Metal vibe that is today referred to as “Old School” by some and “Traditional” by those that hate the other term. Fronting a band comprised of Joe Taylor (guitar), Nick Douglas (bass), Johnny Dee (drums), and Oliver Palotai (keyboards) she is once again on top of the game. Metal bangers around the world might also find it interesting to know that bassist Nick has toured with Chris Caffery while Mr. Palotai performs regularly with Melodic Metal juggernaut Kamelot. There are quite a few tasty and catchy tracks here to enjoy and she even gives you a couple of songs sung in German. I would have liked to hear them in English and that would have been a great idea for bonus tracks but alas we get an acoustic version of the album title instead. Listeners should be aware that this specific song comes after “Shine On” ends so let it run before you stop the CD. I liked the love song feel of “In Liebe Und Freundschaft” and while I did not understand it at all, Doro certainly seems to be able to make a song like this work. “Thunderspell” and “Strangers Yesterday” should find some fans since they are very up tempo numbers but nothing that has not been done by Doro before.

It’s not so much the “Metal return” as it is described as being, but it is a relatively solid effort and I think that not only Doro fans will appreciate it but also the casual listener. There are not enough blistering lead guitar breaks which is a disappointment but overall this is a good enough recording to support one of the first Metal Goddesses once again.

Track Listing:
1. You’re My Family
2. Haunted Heart
3. Strangers Yesterday
4. Thunderspell
5. Warrior Soul
6. Heaven I See
7. Creep Into My Brain
8. Above the Ashes
9. My Majesty
10. In Liebe Und Freundschaft
11. Ungebrochen
12. Shine On
13. Warrior Soul – acoustic

Official Web site: www.doropesch.com

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