“Warrior” (Single) by Michael Schenker Fest

Artist: Michael Schenker Fest
Title: “Warrior” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 12/1/2017
Genre: Hard Rock

The name of Michael Schenker has long been respected among Hard Rock and Metal fans for the level of guitar influence that he has laid down for so many years. Over the course of his storied career, he’s performed with some incredible singers and if you’ve ever wondered what a group with a few of them in one band would sound like then allow me to introduce you to the Michael Schenker Fest project. The group finds the legendary guitarist joined by singers Doogie White, Graham Bonnet, Gary Barden and Robin McAuley and we’ve just given a listen to their debut single “Warrior” which hails from the forthcoming “Resurrection” album that will be delivered by Nuclear Blast Records. Here are some thoughts about the track.

It’s a slow starting number with a very clean guitar sound and Gary Barden leading the vocal charge but as the song picks up the now crunching pace, its Robin whose register shines brighter than ever before. Each of the singers appear to take a turn at the tune but for the most part the majority of it goes to White, McAuley and Barden. Bonnet handles a middle part on his own and brings the chorus part to life with the rest of the band. The riffs are solid from Michael but you expected this much from him and while a slower and well-paced song, its very catchy and I found myself joining along with the band as they yelled “WARRIOR” during the chorus. It will be interesting to see how this gets done live whenever a tour comes to pass and while there is a video for the tune, I like to parse the thoughts out about those in a narrative all of its own. I’ll get to that one in the coming days so please stay tuned and since we still have some time to wait for the release of “Resurrection” you might want to order the track for yourself care of Amazon.com which is linked below.

Track Listing:
1. Warrior

Official Website: https://www.michaelschenkerfest.com/

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