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Warner Brothers Pictures: “The Nun” Teaser Trailer (9/2018)

I know I’ve promised to do more Horror stuff here in the section formerly known as “Onscreen” and now with my firm embrace of the new and more succinct title of “Film and Television”, I submit for your approval the teaser trailer of Warner Brothers Pictures “The Nun”. Make sure the lights are on when you watch this.

The Plot: In 1952 Romania, a nun, a Catholic priest and a novice, sent by the Vatican, investigate the mysterious suicidal death of a nun at the Cârța Monastery.

The Cast:
Demián Bichir as Father Burke
Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene
Jonas Bloquet as Frenchie
Charlotte Hope as Sister Victoria
Ingrid Bisu as Sister Oana
Bonnie Aarons as Valak / The Nun
Jonny Coyne as Gregoro
Mark Steger as The Duke
Sandra Teles as Sister Ruth
Manuela Ciucur as Sister Christian
Ani Sava as Sister Jessica
Jared Morgan as Marquis
August Maturo as Daniel
Claudio Charles Schneider as Demon

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I am not one to comment much on the teaser trailers (as I historically tend to wait for the longer ones) I just want to say one quick thing about “The Nun”. That one thing is “nope”, I am sorry, but “NOPE”. As a so many years ago student that attended Catholic School, I had my share of interactions and lessons with the regular nuns who somehow managed to scared the wits out of me. With that being said this demonic, more ghostly version of one has me saying “check please”. Even the teaser poster is creeping me the eff out and I am at risk of you thinking me rather lame but yeah. Nope. See you next time.

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Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nun_(2018_film)

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