Want To See The Cro-Mags & Sheer Terror in NYC on 12/30/2012?

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The Cro-Mags are legends of the NYHC scene and are considered one of the first groups to showcase elements of Thrash Metal into their Hardcore Punk sound. Back in 1986 when they first released “The Age Of Quarrel”, the NYHC scene was as much a lifestyle as it was a musical movement. This show will surely bring their sound to new and legacy fans and also deliver tunes fromSheer Terror, Brain Slug, Rude Awakening and Born Annoying. Lace up those boots my friends, it is going to be a swirling pit in the venue for this one and thanks to the fine folks at Highline Ballroom some of the PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see the show for free.

To Participate: This is our last contest of the Musical Year 2012 so I will make it an easy one. With the great bands that are playing, I just want to know what the Cro-Mags and the whole NYHC movement mean to you as a fan of this kind of music. I will be selecting winners from the responders and replying right to their topical comment to let them know they won.

When & Where: Sunday December 30th, 5pm @ Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street NYC)

Restrictions: All PiercingMetal Contests are open to regional area music fans but if you have won something recently we shall be looking at other entries first to give everyone a fair chance at seeing a show on us.

Official Links:
Cro-Mags: http://www.cro-mags.com/
Sheer Terror: http://www.myspace.com/sheerterrornyhc
Highline Ballroom: http://www.highlineballroom.com

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17 thoughts on “Want To See The Cro-Mags & Sheer Terror in NYC on 12/30/2012?”

  1. 1984 Back in Argentina Punk and Hardcore was hard To get To listen To by heart no bs always knew my scene and got stick To it ever since. on 2000 dreams come true Now here in U.S.A I can finally See this amazing bands livee.
    Die hards hardcore for life let it in ur hearts

  2. Hardcore in general to me is a platform for someone to speak their mind regardless of what they have to say. The whole Diy aspect just means anyone can get involved

  3. OK Metal Legions this contest for the Cro-Mags/Sheer Terror show is 100% officially closed and winners have been told with replies to their comments right here. Your name will be on the Venue List, so bring identification to prove who you are and since its a list there is no physical ticket to claim (sorry). If I do not already have your full real name, please email me to webmaster @ piercingmetal.com with the subject “Cro-Mags Contest Winner” – I’ll need that fast by the way. Enjoy the show.

  4. Cro-mags is a piece of history when it comes to metal music, it’ll be awesome to see them perform and be part as another fan of that history!…

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