Want To See The Birthday Massacre in NYC on 12/1/2012?

Poster - Birthday Massacre at Gramercy Theatre - 2012

“The Birthday Massacre are a fantastically interesting Gothic band from Toronto, Canada who formed in 1999 originally under the name Imagica. According to the band history, they named themselves after a Clive Barker tale but switched over to The Birthday Massacre in 2001 to avoid any problems with another band who used a similar name. Somehow I think the group made the best decision and for years since the change, their singer Chibi and the gang have entertained all the ghouls and boys that find their music of interest with album after album of their brand of melody.” This Saturday, December 1st, The Birthday Massacre arrives in NYC once again as a part of a Vampirefreaks.com extravaganza and their bringing along William Control, Aesthetic Perfection and Creature Feature as supporting acts. I’ve only managed to see TBM (which I will refer to them from now on for the sake of typing) once in concert and I had a great time so that makes me excited to offer my readers the chance to enjoy this unique show thanks to the incredible folks at Livenation. Yep. Free show on us my fiends. Isn’t that special?

To Participate: Tell us your very favorite thing about The Birthday Massacre in terms of a show you saw, an album that drove you mad or their overall style. Make it interesting because I am going to pick the ones that I like the most. Of course if you have never seen them before just let me know why you must be at this show. Remember to put your email address into the Comment Form and NOT the comment itself to protect your privacy. Entrants should monitor the post because I will be answering the comments and letting people know who won.

Restrictions: This contest is open to all of the bands fans in our region, but be aware that to keep these giveaways fair that we are always looking for those who did not win one yet or not as often as some others. We hope you understand.

When & Where: Saturday, December 1st, 2012 – 7PM @ The Gramercy Theatre

Official Links:
The Birthday Massacre: http://www.thebirthdaymassacre.com/
William Control: http://williamcontrol.com/
Aesthetic Perfection: http://www.aesthetic-perfection.net/
Creature Feature: http://www.creaturefeaturemusic.com/
Vampirefreaks: http://www.vampirefreaks.com
The Gramercy Theatre: http://www.thegramercytheatre.com

Perhaps you are new to the experience that this group brings to the table and if that is the case then I have just the cure for you by adding some links to recent releases from not only The Birthday Massacre but also all the cool support bands that will be playing this evening as well.

5 thoughts on “Want To See The Birthday Massacre in NYC on 12/1/2012?”

  1. My very favorite thing about TBM liveshows is the fact that they are absolutely incredible every time. In terms of memories though, my favorite memory from a TMB show was meeting Chibi for the first time. I spoke to her, told her how much I enjoyed the show and got a pic. As I was leaving, she came at me, arms wide, and said “I’m gonna hug you!” with a big smile. It was super sweet. All of the members are incredibly friendly and I hope to be able to see them again!

  2. I would love to win because I never seen them live. I love The Birthday Massacre because their sound is totally in tune with modern heavy metal and classic rock (80’s/ The Cure) sounds if you really listen closely! Also I love Chibi, she so cool ( as a rock star with realism and class) and the song Red Stars just blows my mind ( Love the album walking with strangers)! Plus if I get chosen to go to the show, I be so happy because I never really been to a concert besides FleetwoodMac in their reunion in Madison Square Garden ( That was about 3 years ago). I want to see a hardcore band! In case your wondering I’m only 24 Years old and only been to 1 concert which was FleetwoodMac. So Yes, I’m due for a concert! FYI, it be awesome to go because I can take or give the ticket to my best friend that introduced me to The Birthday Massacre and Her birthday is in December which is perfect!

  3. Contest closed and winners have all been contacted so please no more entries. Winners should bring ID and ask for the Livenation list at the box office to claim their ticket/tickets. If any issues arise, ask for a venue manager and mention this giveaway. Have fun.

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