Want To See Dance Gavin Dance In NYC On 11/23/2012?

Poster - Dance Gavin Dance at Irving Plaza - 2012

Dance Gavin Dance are an exciting Post-Hardcore band from Sacramento, California and they will be hitting Irving Plaza in NYC as a part of the “Rock Yourself To Sleep” Tour on Friday November 23rd. This fun filled musical event will also feature I The Mighty, A Lot Like Birds, Hail The Sun and The Orphan The Poet and thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, some PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see this show for free. Yes I said “free” and that means you have money for a t-shirt or other merchandise that piques your interest. How cool is that.

To participate please let me know what your favorite band is on the tour and why they are so special to you. Make it interesting because I will be picking winners from the responding comments until we run out of the spaces that we were allotted. Just make sure you only reply if you will indeed go to the show or can get there from your location. Since we don’t mind if you chime in to tell us how excited you are for the show if you are already going, we ask that you start your comment with “I Wanna Go etc. etc.” We need you to make sure that your email is listed in the comment form so we may contact you but it is not shared publicly. Go for it…..

When: November 23rd 2012, 5pm start; doors 5pm.
Where: Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Place NYC Tel: 212-777-6800

RESTRICTIONS: Participation is open to all but if you chosen our just posted Sebastian Bach show contest you are NOT ELIGIBLE for this one since they are back to back gigs. If you have recently won any of our contests you should be aware that we aim to bring some new people into the mix and give everyone a fair shot at seeing a show. We only ask that should you participate that you will actually go and not keep someone else from having a chance to win.

Official Websites:
Dance Gavin Dance: http://us.myspace.com/dancegavindance
A Lot Like Birds: http://www.myspace.com/alotlikebirds
I The Mighty: http://www.ithemighty.com/
Hail The Sun:
The Orphan The Poet:
Irving Plaza: http://www.irvingplaza.com

If you are not too up on the kind of stuff that Dance Gavin Dance and all these other bands bring to the table, please sink your teeth into one or all of these releases by spending those hard earned dollars on some new music for your collection via these links below.

9 thoughts on “Want To See Dance Gavin Dance In NYC On 11/23/2012?”

  1. Hey ken. Awesome give away here. Id like to see Dance Gavin Dance for the first time. Been a fan for quite some time and I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them tear the stage up. DGD is def going to sell out and I’d hate to miss them. Hope I’m selected. If not good luck to the rest of the bunch. thank for considering my entry.

  2. Hi! 🙂 I want to see dance gavin dance because they literally mean so much to me. Although I went to the all stars tour a few months ago DGD didn’t play their set due to Jonny being kicked off tour. I love the band as a whole with or without Jonny and all I want is to be able to enjoy them live because I am afraid I might never get the chance to now. I am not in the city so much anymore because of college but i’m home on break and would want nothing more than to go to the show on friday! 🙂 Thanks for considering! :3

  3. I’ve been listening to Dance Gavin Dance since 07. Following them since they dropped the first album and I’ve been behind them ever since. Unfortunately I’ve only seen them once back in 2009 at warped tour, and it was warped tour. I never had the chance to see them in their full glory where they were allowed a full set to play all the songs I’ve grown to love over the past 5 years. I’ve also been following A Lot Like Birds since they announced the band and they started touring with Decoder back in the day(earlier this year haha). I would love the opportunity to see both bands, and I hope you feel the same way aha. Thanks for reading!

  4. I’d love to go. I went to see them at the All stars tour, but was disappointed that they didn’t play any DGD songs (due to Jonny’s departure). My favorite album was Happiness and apparently they are playing songs from that album (which they don’t do with Jonny. It would be amazing to go if I can! Not to mention, the vocalist of A Lot Like Birds was the vocalist of DGD on their self titled and happiness! A Lot Like Birds is unique, but perhaps Kurt will do guest vocals on a song! Thank you for the chance, whether I get the ticket or not!

  5. This contest is closed so please no more entries for it. Winners have been notified right here under their respective comments so be sure to bring your ID to the venue that night to claim your ticket and know that this show starts very early based on the amount of bands. Have a great time.

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