Wallenpaupack Area HS Chamber Choir performs Ghost’s “Life Eternal”

Any now for something completely different… I wish to inform you about some doings among The Flock….

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Just the other day my good friend Steve posted a clip on his Facebook timeline which read “My daughter Samantha arranged and conducted “Life Eternal” by Ghost with her Wallenpaupack Area HS Chamber Choir. While there were many amazing performances at last night’s WAHS Chorus concert, this was my favorite. I’m so proud”. Having known the Dad for something like 25 years and sharing a number of Heavy Metal concert memories with him, I just had to share this with the readership. Please enjoy this take on the song from the bands “Prequelle” album.

Chamber Choir: Allyson Arenson, Christina Barnett, Natalie Bartkow, Vanessa Bionda, Lauren Brand, Taylor Davies, Cara Doherty, Lydia Freethy, Kylie Kresge, Polina Pastushenko, Fatima Whaley, Melanie Williams, Pancho Antonetti, Alec Crouthamel, Paul Forte, Nolan Glauner, Zane Herzog, Timothy Krawcyk, Thomas Lane, David Manassy, Joshua Moore, Jack Mowatt, Matthew Parry, John A. Rossitto, Gibson Warner, William Zerafa and Samantha Feely.

Musicians: Taylor Davies (piano), David Manassy (soloist), John Rossitto (drums), Paul Forte (guitar), Pancho Antonetti (guitar)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I won’t say much here other than I loved this because not only is it a wonderful job of arranging and with the performance (by a little more than “25” musicians) but its inspired by a band that I greatly enjoy despite their now being on singer number four with Cardinal Copia (cough, cough, cough). Recently one of the larger websites posted some news about Heavy Music being on the rise and when I see how the children of my friends are engaging wit it I have to sit back and smile saying “why yes it is indeed”. When one considers the average attention span is eight seconds and that much of today’s youth doesn’t look away from their mobile devices, I’m stoked to see the musically minded kids showcasing their talents with a rendition of a Ghost song. I will chalk a strong portion of this to good parenting because I know that they are sharing the music they love with their kids and it shows. Excellent work Samantha Feely and company. The Clergy has been informed……

Editor’s Note: Hey it’s me again. We were stoked to discover that not only did Loma Vista Recordings tweet the bands clip, but also Sister Imperator….Check it out.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com

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  1. Thank you, Ken! You first met my daughter when she was still 11 years old at Irving Plaza when I took the kids to see Amon Amarth in 2014. Music has been a part of her life since she was singing the Chili Peppers in her car seat at around 2 years old! She intends to further her musical life by going to college and majoring in music and music education.

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