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“Wake Up” (Single) by Black Veil Brides

Artist: Black Veil Brides
Title: “Wake Up” (Single)
Label: Lava Music/Republic Records
Release Date: 1/12/2018
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Rating: 4/5

I guess I spoke too soon when I assumed that “The Last One” was going to be the final single from the recently released Black Veil Brides album “Vale”. The full album came out yesterday and since we haven’t gotten an official copy yet I decided to speak to this single as well. Sure I can listen to the whole thing on Spotify which is the common thing to do nowadays but with the BVB I like to see what they do with the overall packaging and in terms of photos. Here we go.

“Wake Up” is the third track on the album, or the second if you choose to deduct the 20 second intro melody and based on what I am seeing amounts to be the shortest of the albums tracks. Most of them aren’t long but that notion is for another narrative. This one starts off with the rallying “Whoah Oh” and I am noticing a lot of that on this release based on the previous singles. From the minute this one gets itself going I felt it was designed to be a crowd call and response number. Lots of chances to sing along and it really connects to the melodic flow of the opening “The Last One” track when it comes down to it.

That’s about all I can say for this song but I am wondering if a sixth single is coming. If we get one and I am still waiting on my CD I might add one more summary. You’ll have to wait on that with baited breath. Have you purchased “Vale” yet? Do you like it? If you do, please hold back any commentary down below unless its for this single tune. I’d appreciate it. At the time of this narrative, the Black Veil Brides have recently begun their co-headlining tour with Asking Alexandria. They’re only a couple of days deep into the run and you can examine all of the dates to come via THIS LINK. Now back to everything else.

Track Listing:
1. Wake Up

Official Website:

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