“Vol. 4” by Lullacry

Artist: Lullacry
Title: “Vol. 4”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7/10

Female fronted groups are no longer something scarce in the Hard Rock and Metal world but with most of them falling to either the Gothic or Symphonic side it’s interesting to hear a band like Lullacry. The group focuses their music on high energy Hard Rock and after a couple of listens you will find them pretty good at what they do. You cannot compare them to Evanescence since their far more pumping in the songs and they are not depressing enough to be Gothic. The whole sound of the band comes across as something akin to that which Lita Ford or a heavier Vixen might perform during their heyday. “Perfect Tonight” and “Fire Within” are innocent sounding rockers that I feel might draw a lot of people in. Slower numbers like “Heart Shaped Scars” can be the song where folks either light their lighters or cell phones as they play and this works very well with some nice keyboard parts to it. Lead singer Tanja is beautiful which always helps a band in the visual sense and she seems to also be able to belt them out to a certain level of power across the record. Her high pitched chorus segments might sound a little repetitive at first listen but when run again you will find this is not the case. Other numbers of note are “Killing Time” which rocks hard as does “Zero”. “King Of Pain” is sadly not a cover of the Police classic but instead a slow and throbbing track (a song that might be an interesting thing to see a Metalized rendition of). I like the album but still have to find if there is a number as catchy as “Don’t Touch The Flame” from their last record. The lineup has not changed and finds Sauli, Tanja, Heavy, Sami and Jukka all still on point to aim their band higher and higher.

Lullacry is mainly for fans of solid Hard Rock and Roll who don’t want something too in your face to enjoy. The problem Power and Symphonic bands face is that sometimes they go too far over the top and this can scare a new listener. Lullacry does rock but seems to keep it a little bit on the accessible side and in the world where Evanescence and the like generate millions with their formula perhaps this is a smart move. The Melodic Rock plan has worked for their Countrymen in HIM and The 69 Eyes and in that Lullacry joins a good pack of Finnish rock and rollers.

Track List:
1. Perfect Tonight
2. Love, Lust, Desire
3. Fire Within
4. Stranger In You
5. Heart Shaped Scars
6. Soul In Half
7. Killing Time
8. I Want You
9. King Of Pain
10. Zero

Official Website: www.lullacry.com

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