Vinnie Vincent Cancels “The Legend Returns” Dates

The news was slowly making its way around the circles that focus on the legendary band KISS and the activity of their former members and it appears as though that lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent has cancelled his two upcoming “The Legend Returns” shows. These shows were to be held in Nashville, in early February.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: According to what I’ve read and heard on a couple of podcasts, the promoter received a message from Vincent saying that these gigs would not be happening. The full reasons behind the cancellations remains a mystery to the general public but the promoter states that the matter is now in the hands of their attorneys and we all know what a good time that becomes at the end of the day. Over the last few months, Vincent has made appearances at a KISS Expo in Atlanta and it was a high point for all in attendance. He talked a lot about the past in a lengthy interview and even jammed a little bit. Then it was onto some appearances with Gene Simmons who was on his “Gene Simmons Vault” tour. Vinnie apparently is on a couple of the tracks that are included with this very pricey collectible. The downside of this is not only the loss of the appearances for the fans who might have been traveling from afar to do it but also the time of Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin being wasted. These two are constantly working and always in demand. Truth be told, Vinnie Vincent always seems to come with some sort of dramatics when he makes an appearance. He caused flux in the KISS lineup and according to interviews with Carmine, these gigs were always kind of up in the air. Perhaps Vincent doesn’t really wish to come back and do the whole touring thing and performing night after night, doing meet and greets, making fans happy and making some money along the way. Initially I had some hopes that this kind of thing would pay a visit to NYC and maybe The Iridium club since there is no more B.B. King’s and soon no more Highline Ballroom either but now I will not hold my breath. You fans that were going should get your money back quick, and for those who had to set up some travel and hotel accomodations as well, best of luck on you not being screwed out of that.

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