“Viking Funeral” by Hull

Artist: Hull
Title: “Viking Funeral”
Label: Iron Orchestra Works
Release Date: 9/10/2007
Genre: Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
Rating: 4/5

While I am not sure that a single track quantifies bearing the label of EP solely based on its length, I can say that fans of waves of crushing Doom riffs with a dose of Sludge tossed in for good measure will enjoy Hull’s “Viking Funeral” EP from beginning to end. The track runs about sixteen minutes or so and takes you on a number of different musical avenues in terms of the songs structure. There are some Thrash moments along with those which are Atmospheric in nature and it is all tied together by intensely heavy Doom vibes. It was certainly interesting to find as much going on with this as I did but the Brooklyn based group definitely pulled it all off seemingly without a hitch. The song is based upon the Viking culture but it is not Folk Metal in terms of how the song flows or has been composed. This is purely the lyrical theme but don’t worry folks as it works out rather well. The tune while lengthy seems to move quickly and will not bore you at all.

You might not be certain that I am correct in the assumption about your finding interest in this tune and I can understand that. The tune is available for a mere $.99 online via the major Amazon and I-Tunes outlets and since there are worse ways that you can spend a dollar, I say brave it up and give a hard working bunch of musicians a chance. What’s the worse that can happen?

Track Listing:
1. Viking Funeral

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/HULLsounds/

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