VH1 Classic Gives Us “That Metal Show”

The other night VH1 Classic gave us a brand new program that is dedicated to “all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal”. It’s name is “That Metal Show” and its hosted by radio personality Eddie Trunk (from the “Friday Night Rocks” and some Sirius XM stations) along with comedians Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine.

Initially I was surprised to see this happening on VH1 Classic but then again the original station along with MTV are more about R&B/Rap styles and “reality” programs about teen pregnancy, sobriety or how to find love if you are an aging music personality these days. Sigh. I remember the days when MTV first showed killer videos and then you at least had VH1 when the original station stopped. The times they are a changing eh? I guess this was the only place it had to land.

So what’s the premise? OK, the show is done in a talk show format with Eddie and his co-hosts discussing a number of Hard Rock or Metal related topics and of course since two of them are comedians there is a lot of ribbing on Eddie being done. They also do a quick interview with a guest of the week and the debut show found eighties rocker Lita Ford which I found to be a little bit of a surprise on a debut show. If I had the ability to launch something like this I would have really tried to get a super power lead off and not someone who most Metal fans stopped being curious about ages ago. Perhaps Lita’s new album had something to do with it. In this episode the guitarist shows her appreciation of the support she was given on her touring return and we even get a quick appearance by her husband Jim Gillette. I posted a review of the NYC appearance of Lita a few months ago which can be enjoyed HERE. There was not the biggest crowd to be quite honest so maybe that had me wondering why she was the first guest. There was also a rant from Eddie and a segment they call “Stump The Trunk” where Eddie tests his Metal cred against the viewing audience who pose questions to him. If the audience wins the shows “Miss Box Of Junk” comes out and gives them a prize. The girl who is assigned the role of Miss Box of Junk is the lovely Keri Lee Tucker. The show is filmed in NYC and runs for one half hour. I will be honest and say that the show moves very quickly especially if watching on DVR and bypassing the commercials.

Thoughts On It? Well, it is nice to have another Hard Rock and Metal related program on television and Eddie has been around long enough to deserve being the host. I am not sure what I think about the presence of the comedians after only one episode and only hope that they do not have too much banter and hence time wasted that could have been used on interviews and things of that kind. Upcoming guests for the season are said to be Yngwie Malmsteen, Rush and Twisted Sister along with many others. Good and legendary artists for sure but nothing that is pushing the envelope as far as bands are concerned. The show is very different when compared to the no longer running “Talking Metal On Fuse” which I really liked (and not only because I was one of their couch guests for an episode – seen HERE).

I’ll remain hopeful that the show will offer some insight and attention into a bunch of things that make Metal a special genre to me and that we don’t get the same old same old. Congrats to you Eddie and good luck with the show.

Season One Guests:
1. The Runaways – Lita Ford
2. Yngwie Malmsteen
3. Twisted Sister – Dee Snider and Jay Jay French
4. Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy
5. Mike Piazza
6. KISS – Ace Frehley
7. Rush – Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

Official Websites:
Eddie Trunk: http://www.eddietrunk.com
That Metal Show: http://www.vh1.com/shows/that_metal_show/series.jhtml
Don Jamieson: http://www.donjamieson.com
Jim Florentine: http://www.jimflorentine.com

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