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Universal Pictures: “Halloween” Official Trailer 2

The heat of the summer may still be on full blast but the chill of the fall is around the corner and that brings along something deathly sinister as well, for Michael Myers is coming back home in the new film “Halloween” around that time. The latest trailer just dropped and here you go. I’ve also repeated some premise and casting along with the theatrical release poster.

The Plot: Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. (c/o IMDB)

The Cast:
Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
Judy Greer as Karen Strode
Andi Matichak as Allyson
Will Patton as Hawkins
Virginia Gardner as Vicky
James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Michael Myers / The Shape
Omar J. Dorsey
Miles Robbins
Dylan Arnold
Drew Scheid
Rob Niter
Rhian Rees as Dana

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I mentioned that I didn’t see the original “Halloween” when it was released in 1978 based on age but once I did I was an immediate fan and of course spooked to near death. That visual, that music and the jolts of him appearing everywhere you turned. Yikes. This new trailer amps up what we’ve already seen and jeepers I just might have to see this early on in the run. Remember that they are discounting all of the films that came after “Halloween 2”. What do you think about this new trailer? Are you ready for Michael’s dread return? October is heading our way so let me know in the comments section below.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween_(2018_film)

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