“Under And Over It” (Single) by Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Title: “Under And Over It” (Single)
Label: Prospect Park Records
Release Date: 10/11/2011
Genre: Groove Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’ve been listening to FFDP since their debut “The Way Of The Fist” and have even caught them in concert a couple of times so I am speaking with some background on this one. The band is getting ready to unleash their third album on the public which is called “American Capitalist” and the first single being unveiled to the masses comes with “Under And Over It”. With the song rising the ranks on the Active Rock charts I felt it’s a good idea to let you readers know what we are in store for. Here we go.

From the moment that the tune starts it gets the blood pumping and when Moody begins singing it’s like a challenging rallying cry to get behind his message. The groove is strong thanks to the guitar duo of Bathory and Hook but it’s the drumming of Jeremy Spencer that helps drive this one straight to the Metal heart. There is quick double bass under a roaring chorus that makes me feel this will be an excellent tune in the live sense. Considering that it’s been climbing the charts since its introduction it’s pretty safe to assume that the band will make this a part of the live set. I am going to be counting down the days until the full release comes and to seeing the band again in concert.

Track Listing:
1. Under And Over It

Official Website: http://www.fivefingerdeathpunch.com

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