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Tweet This: Today Marks PiercingMetal’s 10th Twitterversary

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I am not lying to you when I say that I cannot believe that I have been using Twitter for “10” years as of this point in time. Frankly speaking, I don’t think I have even touched upon the social network here on the website outside of suggesting that our readers follow us in an occasional post. We signed up in 2009 for PiercingMetal and were told that it was “the hot thing to do” at the time. I discussed this move as a part of a series of social networking narratives and you can find the thoughts on this course of action by clicking HERE. The link will bring you to the focused Twitter thoughts of the time and that is way back in early 2010. Below you will find a screen captured JPG of that profile’s very first tweet.

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Truth be told the website has not really found much success using Twitter but I’ve kept on using it and tweeting the new posts as they go live on the site. Our followers haven’t reached 1.2K yet and we try to stick to topic more than anything else. If I write three articles there will be three tweets if I remember to do them. I know a few people who fall into the “serial tweeter” grouping and put out a tweet in ten-minute intervals and I just don’t have time to do that. I’m too busy creating posts, uploading photos and working on the backend of the site to make it even better for your viewing experience. I don’t think that is what the audience craves but maybe I am wrong since those kinds of profiles have thousands more followers than we do. Maybe its just me but I don’t find it all that effective but will keep on doing the activities as we keep the website growing. I wasn’t certain about lauding a 10th anniversary of something that hasn’t grown all that much for us and in case you fear that its costing the website some attention you need not fear because we appear to have clocked in more than 1.6 million pages viewed in 2018 and with the amount of sites online this is pretty good. I’ll close this up by saying if you like what this website is all about and its assorted social networking profiles please give a follow to the Official Twitter. Its’ linked down below along with a few of the most recent tweets to give you an idea of how we are using it. I keep it to topic so we’d love to have you along for the ride. Let’s see if it jumps in followers during its 10th year for this outlet.


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