Turn The Lights & PA System Off; Ace Of Clubs Has Closed >:(

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Yesterday I lamented the loss of one of my favorite dining haunts in NYC and since there was a kick ass music venue downstairs I felt that it would be wise to make sure our readers knew it was gone as well. The restaurant was called Acme Restaurant and below it was the Ace Of Clubs. The venue used to be called Under Acme and I admit that I didn’t know when they changed the name. Whatever the case may be, it is closed and if I read correctly it will not be coming back whenever what becomes of the restaurant space above reconfigures itself under the new ownership. That sucks. I always hate when a cool place that I like to eat at closes up shop but when there is a valuable music space along with this happening it just makes it all the more worse.

I attended no more than a handful of shows at the Ace Of Clubs and that number was lower than I would have liked based on available time to be here for shows. A lot of friends in bands played here along with some relatively well known NYC acts and I had to say that I was very interested in hosting events under the PiercingMetal banner here and was discussing it before the closure. So much for that. This was the perfect small venue, as it had a decent sized stage and room enough for about 100 people. There was a bar in the back and a lounging area and it worked. The sound was good and it seemed fair to the bands that had played there. Bands would hope for friends and fans to attend and say that they were there for them at the door to get a piece of the cover charge. It was almost always $10 to get in, and I would arrive early to enjoy the maximum amount of music if ever possible.

Check out the show reports and galleries that were done at this venue for the website by clicking HERE.

PS: I realize that I placed this article into three categories, but I totally felt that they all applied to the circumstances. Goodbye Ace Of Clubs, you were a commendable place for live music in the Big Apple and you shall be missed.

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