Trick Or Treat! Win A Ticket To The Misfits @ Irving Plaza On 10/28/2014

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The Details: It’s almost Halloween and that means its high time for a performance by The Misfits and their Horror Punk classic tunes of note. For many years founding member Jerry Only has been leading the charge with bandmates Dez Cadena and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce to lead you fans into that not so good night of mysteries and sinister brewing. It is an absolute honor to offer some lucky fans the chance to see them perform for free just before the feast of Samhain thanks to the always amazing folks at Livenation – Read more below to see how to participate.

When and Where: Tuesday, October 28th at Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place, NYC)

To Participate: To keep this one quick and easy let me know three reasons why The Misfits mean so much to your musical mind and for an extra push let me know the spookiest, ookiest costume that you ever wore and why it ruled in your mind. Remember to put your full real name and a working email address into the comment form so you can be reached about the show. This information is not shared and only I see the email address. Do not put this information into the comment itself as that would be public and I don’t want you spammed. Bring it on

Restrictions: All contests are open to our regional readers, Facebook and Twitter followers, but be aware that if you recently won any of these gives that we are looking for new participants first to give everyone a fair chance at enjoying a concert for free. For The Misfits show I would also prefer that you are NOT someone who has won a ticket to see them under our list because this keeps it all the more fair. Anonymous and Guest submissions while approved will be immediately disqualified and please only enter once and know that all comments are moderated.

Official Links:
The Misfits:

Some cool links to recent Misfits stuff lie below…..sink your fangs into them all.

5 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat! Win A Ticket To The Misfits @ Irving Plaza On 10/28/2014”

  1. Wow, I have been listening to Misfits since the early days of high school. Have their logo stenciled on my m.c. jacket!! Would be a special thing to hear these songs live as opposed to listEmin and watching old videos on YouTube :D. Best costume, I had a fiend like skull painted on my face as a kid and it was so good that people kept giving me money as I traveled home on the subway that Halloween.

    1. Glad to hear you’ve been such a fan for so very long Jason and that makes me say congratulations on winning a ticket to see The Misfits at Irving when they come a calling on Tuesday. Since its Halloween (almost) I am going to sweeten the haul and say how about your bring a guest along to enjoy the show with you. Yeah, that is two tickets my fiend. Please stay tuned to our comments for the one that closes the giveaway and lines out how you claim this at the venue that night.

  2. Be cause they are the greatest band ever! Every song is a hit. One of the best bands going strong to this day. One year for Halloween I dressed up as King Diamond. And another much earlier year I was a spooky caterpillar.

    1. Perhaps I am reading into this but I am getting the impression that you really like The Misfits Starr and that makes me say congratulations on winning not one, but a pair of tickets to see Jerry and the boys bring it down in their true Halloween Horror Punk fashion. Some folks give Snickers bars to the Trick or Treaters but we give out concert tickets here at the Command HQ. Now about those costumes, wouldn’t that have made you “Queen Diamond”???? Anyway, stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes this contest up and lines out how you claim this at the venue that night.

  3. Alright my Fiends I am going to close this contest up since we only had two pair to dish out for this one and thanks and congratulations to our contributors. Here is the skinny. On the night of the show, just bring your ID to the venue box office at Irving Plaza and ask for the Livenation list (there might be a PiercingMetal reference). Your name will be checked off and given your tickets. Should you encounter any issue please politely ask for a venue manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with Livenation Marketing and they will square you away. I’ll be rocking the socks off dressed up as my little old self for good measure so if you see me please say hello (but make sure I am not shooting photos when you do as that can be distracting).

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