“Trampled Down Below” (Single) by Black Label Society

Artist: Black Label Society
Title: “Trampled Down Below” (Single)
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 1/8/2018
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

We’re only about ten days out from the next full length Black Label Society album “Grimmest Hits” and with the timing so close, I was actually surprised to find another single being released with “Trampled Down Below”. Since I’ve already discussed “All That Once Shined” HERE, I figure let’s keep the overview train running. “Trampled” is longer than the other track and begins with a solemn riff and tasty bass and when the twin guitars begin blazing over the pounding drums you find yourself wrapped up into a solid headbanging track.

I really liked the drive of this one and felt the air-drumming hitting me based on Fabb’s steady patterns (I dabble myself sometimes and that’s why I opt for air drums over air guitar in case you wondered). Musically speaking, there is a lot of what the diehards love most about BLS in the tune as it doesn’t steer too far left of center on them. I would call this tune a logical progression for lack of a better thought. The lead break here is a furious one and should send most of the Chapter fans from all sectors into a frenzy. The tour is hitting my region at the end of the month and there are still plenty of chances to see the band in other areas if you compare notes on THIS LINK. I’ve always been more of a casual fan of BLS and like some albums more than others but think that “Grimmest Hits” might win me over pretty quick based on the two advance singles that I’ve sampled and discussed. Oh and before I close up, I just got such a laugh with the single artwork which finds the Grim Reaper sitting in the bathroom spray painting his scythe. Too much.

Track Listing:
1. Trampled Down Below

Official Website: http://www.blacklabelsociety.com

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