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Trailer Time: Fox’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (2016)

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The Fox Network has offered up some interesting musical renditions over the last few years with “The Wiz” and “Grease” being among the latest ones and while I didn’t see “Wiz” I did catch a fair chunk of “Grease” which was really done well. It’s one of my favorite Broadway shows to be honest and they did this one right. That being said I had to admit some serious surprise when it was revealed that the iconic Underground B Science Fiction Horror film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was next on their list. I’ve embedded the recently revealed trailer for you below. Check it out.

The Scoop:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (also known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event) is an upcoming television film. It is a “reimagining” of the 1975 film of the same name, directed by Kenny Ortega and using the original script written by Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharman. The film will star Laverne Cox, and will be broadcast on the Fox network around Halloween, 2016.

Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Victoria Justice as Janet Weiss
Ryan McCartan as Brad Majors
Reeve Carney as Riff-Raff
Christina Milian as Magenta
Annaleigh Ashford as Columbia
Staz Nair as Rocky
Adam Lambert as Eddie
Ben Vereen as Dr. Everett von Scott
Tim Curry as the Criminologist

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is not one of the typical television items that I would include here but the “RHPS” is something very near and dear to me in terms of just how much fun it was as a film. I am speaking of course of both seeing it on the big screen and being part of that wild live audience that carries on with absolute madness while it plays. Okay so here is a confession, while I never dressed up for the film, on the few times I got to see it I did dance around and brought some of the props like confetti and rice or a water gun and such. It was weird wild stuff. Personally speaking I just don’t feel right about any sort of remake or re-imagining that is now happening and this is nothing against who is playing who and what they are all about. To me this is timeless underground cinema that should be left alone. Call me old fashioned but some things are sacred to me in this media realm we live in but I guess after forty years of being in existence I should have expected a redo to come around sometime. What do you readers think about the whole thing and the trailer? Let me know in the comments section below.

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