Toy Fair 2012 Begins Today!!!!

Oh yes it does and I would be lying if I said that I was not super excited about attending this year’s event as a professional representative of the media. In 2011 I covered Toy Fair for the very first time as a member of press and while some might have wondered how it actually related to my music adventuring, at the end of the day I am an entertainment industry scribe first and foremost. I just happen to do a lot of music review articles on the main site. The blog as you readers have learned is an entirely different animal and one that delves into numerous other aspects of life. I loved what we saw last year in terms of the licensed music and super hero properties and with the event being in February of 2011, movies like Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America had not yet been released even though some incredible products from these films were on display. This year I am curious to see what we shall find in the hero realm and expect a good portion of Batman, The Avengers and Ghost Rider to be there. I admit to being most interested in also seeing the new developments from company’s like N.E.C.A., Lego, Hex Bugs, Safari Ltd., Funko and Knucklebonz since they had some of the coolest stuff I had seen at the fair that time around.  You can bet your bottom dollar if I am allowed to present photos of anything that I will offer them up.  You might remember that some things were super secret and not allowed to have their images snared before the toys/games/electronics had been released.  Many of these companies are aiming for the 2012 Holiday Season already and don’t want competitors getting a leg up on them.

This year I will once again be joined by the amazing Skeleton Pete Parrella who is not only be providing some necessary photographic assistance to the Command HQ as we wander the halls of Javits, but also making his own notes for items to be offered up on his own website.  Since there are numerous new readers to the sites blog since that last round of postings, I’ve embedded some links to the past coverage of the Toy Fair of 2011.  I hope you enjoy them as much as whatever new ideas we will bring to the table with this go round.

PiercingMetal Toy Fair 2011 Coverage: HERE

Skeleton Pete Toy Fair 2011 Coverage: HERE

That’s all I have for now.  Stay tuned for the whole scoop from Toy Fair 2012 over the next few days.
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