“Too Fast For Love” (remaster) by Motley Crue

Artist: Motley Crue
Title: “Too Fast For Love” (remaster)
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

In 1982 while already an avid Metal music fan, I had not yet heard about Motley Crue and hence would be a little late in getting to enjoy the band’s major label debut “Too Fast For Love”. Despite this, I’m pretty certain that my first actual exposure to the sound of The Crue was based on some friends who were playing “Public Enemy #1” with their band at the time and this is perhaps one of the main reasons that that particular tune still resonates so strongly in my mind as a favorite from the bands repertoire. “Crucial Crue” was the neat little nickname given to the bands remastered back catalog and this was originally done in 1999 and was repeated once again in late 2008 in order to add a couple of the bands later releases to the mix and also prepare us all for their next studio album “Saints Of Los Angeles”. As expected the remastered edition would feature the full original album, some additional tracks and comprehensive liner notes.

I liked “TFFL” when I finally picked up a copy and this would not be too, too long after its release when it came down to it. Songs like “Live Wire” and “Take Me To The Top” where thunderous tunes for me in particular since I also played music at the time and found them very influential and aggressive. The song writing by Nikki Sixx who did almost the entire album was very strong and loaded with Glam Metal street smart attitude. They might have used a lot of hairspray and makeup but there was something about The Crue that made you quickly realize that they were not to be taken lightly. “On With The Show” and “Piece Of Your Action” are also winners from the release with the first one being almost a line by line depiction of life as a working Rock musician and the pitfalls it brings you from time to time. The bonus tracks are pretty cool because we get “Toast Of The Town” which was at one time covered by another LA Glam Metal act called Pretty Boy Floyd. I loved their version but it is nice to hear the Crue rendition and after listening to it, one might also wonder why this was actually left off the original album. It’s a perfect tune and probably would have been one of their bigger numbers if more people had heard it way back when. They also include a number called “Tonight” which was ok at best to my ears but nice to find included as well as an alternate opening of the recordings title track. The remaster closes up with the only known recording of “Merry Go Round” and that should appeal to those archivists who scan the internet looking for rare tunes.

The liner notes on the “Crucial Crue” re-issues present the full original artwork from the album and its lyrics as well but there is an upgrade to this content by way of having the band members offer their insight to the bonus tracks and how they are relevant to the bands unique history. The notes for this release come from bassist and core songwriter Nikki Sixx. If you already own this album on CD now is the time to get yourself a replacement and perhaps donate the original version to another Metal head trainee. The armies for this music can always use the additional support so do your part for the cause whenever possible.

Track Listing:
1. Live Wire
2. Come On And Dance
3. Public Enemy #1
4. Merry Go-Round
5. Take Me To The Top
6. Piece Of Your Action
7. Starry Eyes
8. Too Fast For Love
9. On With The Show
10. Toast Of The Town (unreleased) – bonus
11. Tonight (unreleased) – bonus
12. Too Fast For Love (alternate intro) – bonus
13. Stick To Your Guns (unreleased) – bonus
14. Merry-Go-Round (live) – bonus

Official Website: http://www.motleycrue.com

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