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Tonight: “Biography: KISStory” on A&E TV (6/27/2021)

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Members of the KISS Army best make sure that they have their DVR’s programmed or even the VCR for those who have stuck with the vintage stuff for some reason because tonight the A&E Television Network will premiere “Biography: KISStory”, a two-part documentary about the history of “The Hottest Band In The World” KISS!!! You’ll need to check your local listings for the exact time but here in New York City it airs at 9PM.

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This documentary begins at the very beginning and is primarily told from the perspective of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley who are the original founding members. While they are featured in archival interview soundbytes, members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley did not actively participate in the documentary. Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are also featured but this portion of the documentary doesn’t speak to their tenure in the group. I was fortunate to be one of the attending press at the screening of tonight’s chapter down in Battery Park during the Tribeca Festival and this shot below comes from the exceptional live performance that KISS performed at the close of the film. Be sure to follow that account and enjoy some of our many other features.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I won’t say much more about the documentary outside of my having enjoyed it considerably. Watching the history of my favorite band on the big screen in a park surrounded by other KISS fans was pretty awesome and then the five song set was the solid gold icing on the cake. I loved this chapter of the film and I think that you will as well. Get the popcorn ready and enjoy. Now, get ready to start chanting “We Want KISS, We Want KISS, We Want KISS!!!!”. See you next time.

Official Websites:
KISS: http://www.kissonline.com
A and E Television: https://www.aetv.com/

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