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Tonight: “Arrow” On The CW Network (10/12/2017)

Alright, I’m down to the last of the currently running DC Comics television shows that were premiering this week. “Arrow” begins its sixth season this evening, so below you will find the dramatic season poster along with some previous season recap and casting. I’ll close out with where I am at with the show at this point as well when we close up.

Season Five Recap: In season five, Oliver trains young heroes Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, Artemis, and Ragman to join him in his war on crime following Laurel’s death and Thea’s resignation. He subsequently recruits a new Black Canary as well: metahuman vigilante and former police detective Dinah Drake. Supported by new allies, Oliver tries to balance vigilantism with his new role as mayor. He is also threatened by the mysterious and deadly villain Prometheus, who has a connection to Oliver’s past. In flashbacks, Oliver joins the Bratva in Russia as part of an plot to assassinate Konstantin Kovar. There, he meets and is trained by one of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughters, Talia al Ghul, as a hooded archer, before eventually returning to Lian Yu.

The Cast/Characters:
Stephen Amell portrays Oliver Queen/The Arrow/Green Arrow
Katie Cassidy portrays Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary/Black Siren
David Ramsey portrays John Diggle/Spartan
Willa Holland portrays Thea Queen/Speedy
Paul Blackthorne portrays Detective Quentin Lance
Emily Bett Rickards portrays Felicity Smoak/Overwatch
Manu Bennett portrays Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
John Barrowman portrays Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer
Echo Kellum portrays Curtis Holt/Mister Terrific
Josh Segarra portrays Adrian Chase/Prometheus

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Despite a few good moments for me with S5, I am on the fence about “Arrow” at this point. I do love that he is now the Green Arrow in name and thought the inclusion of both Wild Dog and Rag Man were awesome but the Vigilante not being revealed left me cold especially when we learned the real identity of Prometheus, the last season villain. Changing canon because you feel you can is something that really irritates me as a fan of the comic medium. I think I am also a little worn out on all the flashbacks to his past. Enough is enough already with that stuff please. I’m hoping for more interesting characters from the DC Universe making an appearance but am not too sure I will be sticking with the show after this season unless it completely blows me away. What about you readers? Will you be tuning in or have you kicked this one to the curb already? Let me know down in the comments section below.

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