Today: The Misfits “Project 1950” Signing @ Forbidden Planet NYC

It might only be a few days away but in this case the Halloween treats are coming early with no trick required thanks to the fine folks at Forbidden Planet in NYC as they bring you an appearance by the legendary Horror Punk group The Misfits for this Misfits Records event. Yep, Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce will all be on point with their Osaka Popstar collaborator John Cafiero to sign the recently re-issued and expanded CD “Project 1950” along with a host of other goodies. Check out the cool poster below.

Poster - Misfits Signing at Forbidden Planet - 2014

As the details are very well presented in the poster I will not retype them here but I will suggest that you arrive early in order to get a good spot on line and guarantee yourself a signing and potential photograph with the guys. They are always happy to oblige that sort of stuff with their fans and its something that they should be commended for. I’m not sure if they are allowing any other items to be brought in to the store outside of what is for sale but if you have stuff like that it cannot hurt to check with a phone call or a post on their Facebook page. Once you’re done with the signing be sure to take a browse around Forbidden Planet because they have a host of other amazing things on the shelves. There are tons of action figures from numerous mythologies and comic books and trade paperbacks that will let you build up a proper library of your own. I’m going to try to make this appearance as well and if I do I shall post some photos for you to enjoy. Don’t forget that The Misfits will be playing at Irving Plaza on Tuesday (that is tomorrow in case you are losing track) and the show will be supported by Jasta (which features Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed).

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