Today: Anime NYC 2023 Begins @ Javits Center

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Attention all Anime and Manga fans, today begins the awesome Anime NYC Convention which returns to the Javits Center for its sixth in-person event. Organized and curated by the fine folks from Leftfield Media the event brings hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors into one space for tens of thousands of fans of Japanese art and culture. As expected I will be attending once again as a member of the media and I’m rather excited. What I like about the Anime NYC event is that it let’s me immerse myself into a whole different world of characters and creative properties. The convention begins at 2PM today and runs until 4PM on Sunday. As you all see this I am already heading to the Javits to get myself situated. This event brings in about 50K fans of the genre so the lines can be long. If you are heading there yourself today you’re going to want to stop what you are doing and get a move on.

The interested should make sure to start following the Official Instagram, Facebook and TikTok since a lot of posts will be going on those networks and for any of the site postings the tag of Anime NYC 2023 will deliver all of the content that we’ve posted on a new browser page. Wrapping up I wonder if you are heading to this one as well. Chime in down below in the comments section.


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