Toasting Four Years Of “The Chronicles Of” (2010-2014)


Now that has been online for nine years, I wanted to take a moment and share the news about my side blog “” attaining its own fantastic fourth anniversary. My longer termed readers already know about this site but for those new to the program let me explain just a little bit about it so you are right up to speed with the rest. is what amounts to being my slice of life blog that let’s me explore other worlds of photography and ideas that come to my mind across a wide and very varied subject matter. I realize that this is a little vague so I will continue after the photograph.


On I pretty much stick to the music related topics and stuff that skates around my own and the readers interests (like comic books, movies about superheroes and anything that falls in close with being related to “Metal” or “Hard Rock”). On I might decide that you need to see a sculpture that I passed while on one adventure or to show you how to assemble a Vietnamese bowl of soup properly from a take-out order. Before you ask, yes I did both of those things for the readers of – Sometimes I try to inspire while at others I go for the joke or to showoff my beautiful New York City. There is a little bit of everything over there and I guess the other reason for the site on its own so I can share this stuff without putting it all onto Facebook. I prefer that for sure.


Despite my hesitation on sharing all of my ideas and images on Facebook and the other Social Nets, I do have accounts locked out for this blog just like I do for and you can find on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook so if you use any of those services please come find us and add to your followed/stalked sites. I will do my best to keep the creative angle at an amusing level. Going forward its pretty safe to assume that I will be using the upcoming morph of into WordPress to occasionally send you over to the site and vice versa when I find myself documenting things that I feel you need to know about the most. I hope you like it all.

Click the logo in this narrative to go to the main site and thanks to our wonderful graphics assistant Chris Intriago for creating this very PiercingMetal-esque logo for that site.

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