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“Til The Light Guides Me Home” (Single) by William DuVall

Artist: Willliam DuVall
Title: “Til The Light Guides Me Home” (Single)
Label: DVL Recordings
Release Date: 7/22/2019
Genre: Acoustic Rock
Rating: 4/5

You know his name from being the crushing register behind the last few Alice In Chains albums and if you were following him before that position you might be ahead of a lot of us when it comes to the overall body of work by singer William DuVall. Recently the musician released the first single from what I believe to be his first ever solo album and this is an acoustic effort to boot so a very different perspective can be taken on it. The song is called “’Till The Light Guides Me Home” and I’ve put together a few thoughts after giving this the once over on Spotify.

The track features DuVall both singing and playing the acoustic guitar and there is no other accompaniment on the tune in terms of bass or one of those percussion boxes we see so often being used on efforts like this one. Keeping it sparse allows a whole other level of atmosphere to build and the overall sound is crystal clear in terms of the guitar tones and DuVall’s very powerful and melodic register. Upon reviewing the lyrical base of the tune I found that while it sings to a hopeful sensibility, he is rooted in sorrow about the ending of either a relationship or a close connection and I can say that the words are deeply powerful. The singer appears to be an accomplished player on the guitar as I love the overall melody being done here too. The tune also moves swiftly along at just under a three-minute runtime but I myself listened to it a few times and it was still compelling to me after that which I feel is a vibe any of his fans will get as well.

This was a solid introduction to his new body of work and I will keep a look out for more information about it as well as any gigs that will be done in support. I am thinking that with Alice In Chains still on their tour with Korn that there isn’t anything scheduled just yet. Nice work William, I wish you the best in this.

Track Listing:
1. ‘Til The Light Guides Me Home

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